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Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
Well, there's no polite way to say this so I'll just cut to the chase - Konstantin Meyl is absolutely wrong. A transmitter and receiver is not two halves.

Tesla gives one description, Meyl gives another. It works like Tesla says it works, no more pondering necessary. That is absolutely obvious to anyone who uses it, there's no possibility of coming to false conclusions unless one is literally blind to the truth of what's right in front of their eyes. Throw the Meyl books in the trash where they belong, he's only causing people to be confused.

How does Tesla's hand pump analogy to describe the operation of his own system fit with the false information that Meyl is spreading?

The information is modulated power.

It's designed for 1/4 wave resonance, period. The transmitter is the 1/4 wave resonator. A receiver is a separate 1/4 wave resonator. Did everyone forget that Tesla's Colorado Springs experiments consisted of a 1/4 wave TRANSMITTER? Where was the receiver to make up the other half of the circuit? Where was the other half of Wardenclyffe? You don't need a receiver to make the transmitter transmit, it works independently. You don't even need a resonant receiver to receive said energy near the earth terminal of the transmitter, you can plug your diodes directly into the earth and the earphone works.

The amount of power received is not a matter of the amount of space or air or distance between the transmitter and the load. For those who don't listen to Meyl, it's no surprise at all that what determines the amount of power received is ONLY the distance between the GROUND TERMINAL of the transmitter and the load. The load doesn't care how far away the transmitter is in space, it only cares about the ground terminal.

It's not one half of a complete circuit. It already IS a complete circuit. It's a single wire transmission system. The transmitter and receiver are merely transformers. What is the purpose of transformers in the existing power distribution network? ...
Ok lets clear some of these things up then.

First that appears to be an artists conceptual drawing and interpretation of what tesla is doing not something tesla would have drawn?

Would you explain what we are looking at here and its operation and if it differs how it differs and how it fits into the one transmitter no receiver required for the whole world concept:

Arent both the above single wire transmission?

That looks like a single wire receiving coil to me?

it's no surprise at all that what determines the amount of power received is ONLY the distance between the GROUND TERMINAL of the transmitter and the load.
Distance should not matter only conductivity. How does distance matter?

What do you believe is wrong with meyls explanation (and why) compared to teslas?

Originally Posted by Prof. Dr-lng. Konstantin Meyl

2.5 Experimental setup

To be able to observe possible feedback, the point of resonance must be found again first. This is adjusted, if on the receiver the major peak can be observed and the LED's shine most brightly. The experimental setup is in the first instance the same (like 1.5: The waveform generator is attached on one side over two shorting plugs to the couple coil. This tesla coil functions as transmitter. The cable connection is plugged at the outside end of both tesla coils and the waveform generator is attached to the wall power supply). After this is done the amplitude controller has to be fully untwisted (in the clockwise direction up to the limit stop) and the frequency is slowly adjusted with the frequency controller and the light emitting diodes at the receiver are thereby observed. If the major peak should not be able to be determined clearly, it is recommended to reduce the voltage with the amplitude controller. Thus the major peak appears no longer so bright, but can be distinguished clearly from the auxiliary peaks.

2.6 Carrying out the experiment

After finding the major peak, the amplitude controller is turned back so far that the light emitting diodes on the transmitter side do not shine any longer, while the light emitting diodes on the receiver side still shine. If the cable connection is carefully unplugged, the light emitting diodes installed onto the transmitter side shine again. The LED's, installed on the receiver side, extinguish.

2.7 Interpretation of experiment results

The same effect arises, if the frequency at the waveform generator is adjusted. In this case the receivers LED's go out, while the LED's at the transmitter light up, because the resonance frequency is left and therefore no more power arrives at the receiver.

The light emitting diodes on the transmitter side give information about the power taken off from any receivers. If the brightness changes if the ground wire is connected from the transmitter to a heating element, it can be examined whether unwanted receivers possibly exist. For example if the brightness decreases, if the experimenter touches the ground wire of the transmitter, he is now the receiver.

2.8 Conclusion

There is a feedback from the receiver to the transmitter, as can be observed here. With the transmission of radio waves no such feedback should be determined. Only with resonance between transmitter and receiver, scalar waves are developed. If the transmitter is unplugged or the generator frequency changes and leaves so the conditions of resonance, no more energy is transferred.

2.9 Consequences

Numerous interhuman effects are based on the principle shown in the feedback from the receiver to the transmitter. They are in this way for the first time physically modelled. At the same time it becomes clear that the as esoteric classified coherences are nothing else than scalar wave effects. These effects are wrongfully designated as para-science, because scalar waves are still unknown to the scientific world. The feedback shown in the experiment proves the existence of scalar waves!

What do you believe is misinformation from meyl? That the 2 coils can operate together in a long distance coupled fashion?

Teslas hand pump analogy is synonymous with the huge circulating currents that can be built up in a tank circuit, and the earth is in his design is part of a gargantuan tank circuit which can build up gargantuan currents.

What did tesla mean by 'with a self-inducting' coil? What kind of coil is that?

Any apparatus, then, which can be operated through one or more wires, at distances obviously limited, can likewise be worked without artificial conductors, and with the same facility and precision, at distances without limit other than that imposed by the physical dimensions of the globe.
all I see this quote referring to is wireless not receiverless? How did you derive receiverless? I have no issues with your saying it works without a receiver, but then I can get flourescents to light up near a cb stick antenna too. Nothing special.

So I agree 'in part', that part being that the TMT can operate by itself with things close by, however as you can see from meyls experiments that when he turns on the receiver it completely pulls down the transmitter, hence a coupling effect that is impossible to get in a standard broadcast situation, because in a standard broadcast situation you can have a trillion antennas receiving the signal with no pull down of the transmitter. Please explain How you made your conclusions.

Have you taken your light bulbs a mile away? I need a plethora of full explanations to supprt what you are saying so I hope you have the tenacity to respond to all these questions/points I am making without skipping any, I have no problem what so ever with blunt, I am the king of blunt

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