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Well, there's no polite way to say this so I'll just cut to the chase - Konstantin Meyl is absolutely wrong. A transmitter and receiver is not two halves.

Tesla gives one description, Meyl gives another. It works like Tesla says it works, no more pondering necessary. That is absolutely obvious to anyone who uses it, there's no possibility of coming to false conclusions unless one is literally blind to the truth of what's right in front of their eyes. Throw the Meyl books in the trash where they belong, he's only causing people to be confused.

How does Tesla's hand pump analogy to describe the operation of his own system fit with the false information that Meyl is spreading?

The information is modulated power.

Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 View Post
Teslas transmitter was not intended or designed to 'radiate' an infinitely 'expanding' wave front where the output disperses decreasing by the square of the distance, it was designed to resonate between the 2 halves which allows for nearly complete power transfer between them with very minor losses.
It's designed for 1/4 wave resonance, period. The transmitter is the 1/4 wave resonator. A receiver is a separate 1/4 wave resonator. Did everyone forget that Tesla's Colorado Springs experiments consisted of a 1/4 wave TRANSMITTER? Where was the receiver to make up the other half of the circuit? Where was the other half of Wardenclyffe? You don't need a receiver to make the transmitter transmit, it works independently. You don't even need a resonant receiver to receive said energy near the earth terminal of the transmitter, you can plug your diodes directly into the earth and the earphone works.

The amount of power received is not a matter of the amount of space or air or distance between the transmitter and the load. For those who don't listen to Meyl, it's no surprise at all that what determines the amount of power received is ONLY the distance between the GROUND TERMINAL of the transmitter and the load. The load doesn't care how far away the transmitter is in space, it only cares about the ground terminal.

It's not one half of a complete circuit. It already IS a complete circuit. It's a single wire transmission system. The transmitter and receiver are merely transformers. What is the purpose of transformers in the existing power distribution network? ...

Originally Posted by Nikola Tesla
This mode of conveying electrical energy to a distance is not 'wireless' in the popular sense, but a transmission through a conductor, and one which is incomparably more perfect than any artificial one. All impediments of conduction arise from confinement of the electric and magnetic fluxes to narrow channels. The globe is free of such cramping and hinderment. It is an ideal conductor because of its immensity, isolation in space, and geometrical form. Its singleness is only an apparent limitation, for by impressing upon it numerous non-interfering vibrations, the flow of energy may be directed through any number of paths which, though bodily connected, are yet perfectly distinct and separate like ever so many cables. Any apparatus, then, which can be operated through one or more wires, at distances obviously limited, can likewise be worked without artificial conductors, and with the same facility and precision, at distances without limit other than that imposed by the physical dimensions of the globe.

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