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Originally Posted by Danny B View Post
Gambeir, it might make you feel a bit better to do a google image search on....destroyed speed cameras... They take an old tire and hang it on a speed camera. Then, the pour in some gas. Not surprisingly,,,,, they light the gasoline.
Yes, the State considers the average person to be a tax slave with pockets full of money. Californians owe the State $ 10.2 BILLION in unpaid fines.

I'm just sick of both politician and politics. Far as I can tell politicians are nothing but a bunch of neck tie wearing terrorists working for billionaire gansters, whom run the entire country with legions of lawyers that write the law, and whom these traitors pass in to laws designed to rob and rape the American People, and they are doing that for the simple profit of having their own pockets filled. The whole thing is simply racketeering any way you want to cut it. I think it's time to end both the Democratic and Republican Parties.

It's time for a Patriots Party. Now of course being old school, can't help that what with being old schooled, I'd prefer the party to be one with neck ties, baseball bats, and torches, but maybe there's still time to do this the right way using civil measures like civilized people.

Frankly I doubt it, because the one thing I've learned over six decades is that criminals will continue to conduct crimes until someone or something stops them, and so I seriously doubt that anything short of complete and total rejection of their right to rule will change one damn thing. I mean come on, just look at what the FCC all alone did to the people of these United States of America: Look at the so-called news we now have.

There's not one reason in the world the public airways should be owned by a handful of people: Talk about puppet mastering, and of course we are all paying for these outrages in so many ways, just look at what CNN did to contribute to war making. Sometimes I wonder if the media owners didn't themselves plot the entire September 11th mass murder attack: Almost makes more sense given all their suspicious activities.

Evil can only survive in secrecy, and secrecy can only happen when power is centralized: Efficiency is not a democratic value, it's a totalitarian value, and efficiency is only possible when power is centralized; which includes your so called news and information sources. A government is supposed to exist to serve the people. How come it's not doing that? Isn't it reasonable to expect that one of the primary functions of government would be to operate and control media broadcasting and not to sell them off to whoever has the most money? That's not what I'd call fulfilling the duty of government to protect us from subversive and dangerous overthrows engineered with mass propaganda that was then made legal by the same previously outlined methods, which they actually did in the 2013 national defense act. What a farce huh? Gee thanks so much; now their lies can be made exempt from a charge of high treason huh?

The best course of action is to refuse to acknowledge their authority, otherwise the only other course is open conflict, and which is what the puppet masters would prefer. After all, in a civil war people like myself who say what others think can be hunted freely and so that state of affairs actually enables these same criminals to eliminate people like myself; like we can now get that son of **** ....damn him! So again, that would be doing what they wanted once more.

People need to pull their heads of the hole they have them in. You cannot reason with a lion when your head is in it's mouth. You cannot obtain security by giving up your personal rights. You cannot expect anything but more and worse when criminals come to power and whom are constantly appeased by weaklings and imbeciles whose motivations are based on ignorance and momentary peace.

What we are facing today isn't the same. It is political but it's not public. It's corporatism today and it's their laws and their lawyers whom are writing the laws. It's not the politicians we elect whom write the vast majority of the laws we are now living under.

Given a choice I think I'd have everyone of them rounded up and put on a boat to a remote island where they could then figure out how to feed off each other like the vampires they truly are.

But ya know, anyone with an ounce of brains wouldn't take a chance on that, for some of em might somehow construct a raft, so the only sensible thing would be to torpedo the thing at the deepest and most shark infested point in the voyage while on their way to the island.

This is the same application of criminal reasoning that they themselves would employ on all of us, so we would only be doing what we have all already learned from them, and so our lies will be just like the lies they have told all of us; like how we are going to take them all to a nice remote tropical island to serve out their time, instead of executing them for treasons, but of course this too is a lie, so instead we torpedo their ship in shark infested waters, which is what I'd expect them to do to us. Besides, with my line of reasoning following their own, then we don't actually even need a either a real island, since that is a lie, nor do we need a sea worthy ship, so there too I'm simply suggesting we do what they would do. People really need to start thinking like a criminal to understand the rational behind the political mindset. See, if the glove were switched, an if a politician could do it, then they would say you've won a Cruise, then instead of loading your luggage on the ship, they would keep it on the dock, instead of putting your valuables in the ships safe, they would put those in their own pockets: Instead of a cruise you would be sent to be drowned or be eaten alive by sharks on an old rust bucket on it's way to the breakers. No one the wiser, and no survivors, that's how these people think. Seriously, who actually thinks that the Lusitania was all just accidental. Like yea, what a lucky break that turned out to be for Germany.

I don't think that worked out well for the Kaiser or really much of the then existing royalty of Europe. Nor do I believe Franklin Roosevelt wanted a Global War, but he knew he couldn't stop the people who were driving it either: After all, who profited from that war? Weren't the real winners in the last two Global Wars the same ones who would also profit from another Global War?

We have an internal war going on with the rights of the individual as the object to be destroyed by the enemy of the people. Who would that be; who want's the people to have no individual rights? Who would prohibit free speech and who would profit by being able to rule without fear of an armed uprising? Gee, ya think it might be the same ones that profited off two world wars? I previously talked about the cost of licensing my car. Well guess what, the people of this State voted to make the licensing fee a flat $35 dollars over a decade ago. The State Supreme Court over-ruled the people as Unconstitutional. How exactly the States right of Taxation over~rules the will of the people is a bit beyond me, but it did that. Now who's gonna prevent these same un~hindered criminals from continually raising the fee's, and if you cannot already stop something as simple a controlling the taxations which are levied by public voting to limit the taxation powers of the state, then just imagine what will happen when you have no guns to protect your own lives from a manifestly out of control system. Taxes aren't the same thing as individual liberties. One's an annoyance, the other defines liberty.

Clearly, I think, the enemy inside the gates are corporate business associations and their armies of lobbyists whom are law firms. It's the tax free donations to their own private so~called not for profits that are running these here United States. It's their gunman whom are killing children and setting up stories to muddy the waters and to confuse and bamboozle the average citizen. Ya know, in some nations it's against the law for private security corporations to exist.
Now why is this so called news not focused on the dangerous internal enemy of the people? Well it's because obviously they are too are the the enemy now.
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