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Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
It seems perfectly feasible to me, but the earthing is as important as the coil. I've received a signal using a flat spiral coil, and what's more, the signal of the normal radio receiver gets stronger when the coil is being used. It becomes a passive repeater. The radio station is already powering your earphone, so what limits the amount of energy that you're receiving? I built the simple SEC circuit once but I've never had much interest in that sort of thing. Where do they connect the output of the secondary? ...
Its not the same as a tesla T/R. The signal from your radio station is the result of resonating a 'stick', not in the same 'sense' as teslas coils so there is no way to lock into it so to speak like you can with a tc because a standard bc station operates fully decoupled from the receiver.

The reason the TC can have a remote receiver and actually receive 'power' is because with tesla the coils are effectively splitting a coupled resonant tank circuit in half then moving them apart using the earth as a connecting wire between the 2 and a capacitive coupling through the air.

From Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl

Tesla's the receiver completes or is the second half of a single resonant tank circuit which is why you get high power from it at a distance. Everything gets transferred since it operates as a single coil that is simply separated or split in 1/2.

In the the case of the resonant stick, it completes or is its own circuit, (so to speak), so you cant build another radio tower in the far field that is an exact replica of the first and transmit 'power' to it, because the design is not a coupled design, however you can use it to transmit a signal that that decreases like any other other transverse wave at the square of the distance and a coil that can resonates at the same freq can pick up and receive very low energy signals, enough to power your headset.

Lighting an incandescent bulb in far field using a signal from a stick in the air cant happen where as in teslas split coil design it can.

Stifflers 3 coil SEC circuit is fascinating and his design methods should be used for more efficient tc's imo since we are trying to tune to the environment around us.

The circuit appears to take existing rf noise and tuning what he calls a spatially a resonant tank to it. I hazard to say it may have possibilities if you can tune that to a nearby radio station with build a big enough tank. Now you use the self resonant tank to trigger off the radio signal, which may, that is 'may' possibly be capable of building big enough to actually light an incandescent bulb in some fashion. I get this vision of a 60 cycle spatially resonant tank, 50 for you LOL

The cool thing is that it demonstrates how particular and precise one must be to actually get these high z devices to work, not the typical cobble jobs with completely faulty measuring techniques we usually see out here. Its not in making perfect calculations either, that only gets a person close because every environment has too many undetermined variables, its like tesla pointed out, its an art which to me means the fine tuning is done by feel, and of course now days with a scope and spectrum analyser etc..

3-Coil srf Demo Part#1 - YouTube

3-Coil srf Demo Part#2 - YouTube

3-Coil srf Demo Part#3 - YouTube

more in depth explanation to the difference in the transmission.

So to illustrate the point I am trying to make more clearly I took some time to dig up a couple schematics as to why you cannot light a bulb in far field with a standard broadcast transmitter:

Teslas transmiter receiver operates like this:

Spigel has a nice picture that I cropped to show that tesla transmitter is based upon
a tank circuit that stretches out over miles by an interconnecting wire with full circulating
power resonating between the 2 halves:

and of course he has a nice video:

Basic Tesla's Experiments (Part 1) - 100W Wireless Transmission without Ground Connection

Now lets look at a broadcast antenna circuit:

all you have is a tiny load matching circuit so you dont cook your transistor or tube, which works like this:

The rod for a monopole or in this case a dipole is the resonator now you can flip that to vertical to get:

The principal of operation of a standard broadcast transmitter is completely different. Teslas transmitter was not intended or designed to 'radiate' an infinitely 'expanding' wave front where the output disperses decreasing by the square of the distance, it was designed to resonate between the 2 halves which allows for nearly complete power transfer between them with very minor losses.

You can calculate the 'maximum' current of a standard broadcast rig based on the field strength, distance, length-area of the metal of your receiving rod antenna or coil that can be actually be struck by the passing waves.

Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
so what limits the amount of energy that you're receiving?
For a tesla being an air coil the internal resistance of wire caps etc.

For a broadcast antenna its the maximum tube/transistor output that translates into actual radiated power.

For ideal transmitter rig+antenna etc, everything set up perfect with perfect conditions;

For actual radiated wattage of 100,000w using a dipole, typical efficiencies can be seen up to 70% max unless they are doing something new I am not aware of, roughly input power of 130,000 watts.

For 130,000 watts input, thats 220vac and 590amp service requirements.
For 2000meters (Approx 1 mile)
.00329 Watts/m^2 (with dipole 2.19gain)

They have a handy calculator here:

No energy is reflected back to be circulated in a resonant tank with the standard broadcasting transmitter rig like there is with a pair of TMT/Rs, the radiated waves from SB simply keep right on going to infinity.

If Tesla is correct and I fully expect he is, the only losses you would see from the TMT's would be primarily from the ground resistance, say if you have 1000 ohms over a distance of the same mile, since the earth in an ideal situation would be a dead zero ohm short between the 2 two towers.

Radiation dispersion
In standard broadcast the waves pass and keep going, how much power you get is dependent on how big your antenna is, whereas with tesla its dependent on the amount of power your tank is capable of building up between them. Teslas system is captive, broadcast is not. For teslas the energy does not escape, it is received and sent (reflected) right back to the transmitter as a result of resonance contrary to the standard broadcast rig which continues to infinity.

In broadcast the transistor (or spark doesnt matter) directly drives a resonant rod that is cut to 1/4 wavelength, its for all intents and purposes a power driven tankless output which is decoupled from the receiver, hence will not transmit 'power', only information. I was severely ridiculed, ostracized and branded as an ignorant heretic who had the audacity to defy god because I didnt buy the wooden nickels or waste my time in an exercise of futility with this frivolous challenge which is why no one has seen much of me around here or any other overunity forum for the last several years. I assure you that no one has or will ever light a several watt incandescent bulb in the 'far field' (like you can with the tesla desgn) from a standard broadcast tower with a standard receiving tuning coil or tesla type coil arrangement tuned to its broadcast frequency unless they are transmitting 5 billion terrajiggawatts in which case you would not be able to place your receiving antenna near it without being nuked. The only thing the 2 designs have in common is they are both 1/4 wavelength. Now if we jump back to stifflers work, he is taking a -70dbm (presumably a signal) and magnifying it to light I think he got as high as 28 leds with it, definitely 1, with no power source connected, and its been replicated.

Begs the question, and I will leave you with this thought.....what if we had a wardencliffe driven by an equally sized stiffler circuit

Unfortunately its the main objective of governments and profiteers et al, to insure and enforce commercial intercourse. (at 'any' cost) and one way to accomplish that is lead people down a path of failure so they dismiss the whole concept, and I am almost too old to care. Probably not the response you expected.

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