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Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 View Post
Well the presumption was that someone could build a cyrstal radio and light a several watt bulb by tuning into a nearby radio station and frankly I cant see that happening which is why I never built it aside from the fact that I built them when I was a kid so its not much fun for me 60 years after the fact. ever do any stiffler replications?
It seems perfectly feasible to me, but the earthing is as important as the coil. I've received a signal using a flat spiral coil, and what's more, the signal of the normal radio receiver gets stronger when the coil is being used. It becomes a passive repeater. The radio station is already powering your earphone, so what limits the amount of energy that you're receiving? I built the simple SEC circuit once but I've never had much interest in that sort of thing. Where do they connect the output of the secondary? ...

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