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Real origin of the Plasmatron

The reason I asked is because the plasmatron was not actually developed at MIT. Abraham Rabinovich was a Soviet Union scientist who developed it in the 1970's well before Pantone was involved in the GEET.

I cropped this from Rabinovich's patent from the USSR Patent #700935:

It was granted on Nov, 30, 1979, was applied for in 1978 but the work on it developed well before then.

What is interesting about this patent is that the source of hydrogen discussed in the patent, which I had translated years ago, is simply water.

After Rabinovich came to work with MIT, you can see in all their patents, articles, etc. they quickly turned it into a reformer that free up hydrogen from gasoline and they completely covered up the original intended application.

Anyway, this is the real origin of the Plasmatron and it was not developed at MIT, but in the USSR in the 1970's.

If Paul Pantone says this, "Other Plasma generators, such as the copy cat from MIT, which they call the Plasmatron" - then his claim is false.

I'm a fan of the GEET, but the Plasmatron is definitely not a copycat of the GEET.
Aaron Murakami

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