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Oscillating Power is a Hysteresis of Duty Cycle Imparting an Illusion of Free Energy.

I think I misunderstand oscillations when I made this video. I think I mix it up with alternations.

A commenter on YouTube just posted, but it didn't go through to the video. But it got me to read the video's description I wrote a year ago which got me to thinking along a previous line of reasoning which may be valid to reconsider: that free energy is a misnomer if our understanding is, indeed, inadequate.

That description of mine is appropriate for this thread, because it proposes a concept which may help explain: why my derivative of Eric's analog computer requires a magnetic core to its coils and possibly help to suggest why each module must not be shorted between each adjacent module as Eric demonstrates in his now famous Borderlands video with Thomas Brown and Peter Lindemann from the 1980s...

It may be appropriate, because it proposes that the magnetizable core of a transformer (or PMH) does not forget its state despite its use by its two coils implying that coil induction entering into a coil is expendable while core induction exiting the core and transferred to the coil is never fully expended or may not be expended at all allowing the core to retain its charge producing an endless supply of induction for the transformer's coils.

Here is the video link...

And here is its description...
I don't think that my little simulation of Eric Dollard's LMD (analog computer in Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric mode) actually produces power inside the LMD module when the AC power source is shut OFF. Actually, I think that each cycle of oscillation begins before the last one ends building upon the prior and gaining a little more amplitude with each successive cycle giving the appearance of energy from the vacuum - energy created from nowhere. But it sure does look - for all intents and purposes - as if that is what has occurred whenever certain switches are engaged and others are not. I don't remember which ones. You'll have to play around with it...

I hope to do a chart of all eight possible combinations of switchings and their outcomes. In the meantime, I'd like to share with you what I went through the very first time I simulated free energy in disastrously humongous proportions...

In both of these two varieties of Extreme Overunity, a strange anomaly occurs. You think you're being dandy by shutting OFF the AC power to prevent any further mischief, but what happens? The amps, volts, and watts skyrocket even faster than when the AC power had been ON! No fooling!

And where does this escalation occur? EVERYWHERE in the circuit!!!! Now, that's indiscreet OVERUNITY!

Here is a very simple version of this basic concept with only four switches and a modest, rock solid output hanging around the kilo-volt range. Two additional loads are added to the inside of the LMD module...

This is a very long video describing my inspired thinking on why some of us are convinced that free energy arises from out of nowhere – whenever it occurs as the result of oscillating power, but actually comes from hysteresis originating in the NEGATIVE RESISTANCE of a GAS DISCHARGE TUBE, or SPARK GAP, and then spreads throughout the circuit infecting everything including the load due to HYSTERESIS becoming applied to all of the components of the circuit (including the load - which is attached and must be included). This pervasive hysteresis is the byproduct of severe stress shocking the whole circuit to sustain the belief among all of the circuit's various components that they, too, are NEGATIVE RESISTORS just like the spark gap.
I added a pinned comment to aid the video's description...

The circuits for this discussion are five circuits underneath the category called: "Complex Manual Switching" underneath my category called: "Vinyasi.Cts" pasted to the menubar of my mirrored spin-off of Paul Falstad's electronic simulator located here... Θ* First Manual Switching Design Θ* First Manual Switching Design, v.1d Θ 3 Lamp LMD Compare Pulse vs DC Voltage Source ∞# Pulsed EV Motor Experiment

based on... Θ*∞ First Breakthrough in OverUnity Θ*∞ First Breakthrough in OverUnity w/2 Lamps
...underneath the "Vinyasi.Cts" category called: "Breaking Free of B&L w/LMD" called: "Θ*∞ First Breakthrough in OverUnity" and "Θ*∞ First Breakthrough in OverUnity w/2 Lamps".
Plus, I took a little bit of liberty by adding his comment...

michael R
I was worried someone wasn't going to debunk this one so thanks foot that even though your the only one that has, no I didn't watch the entire hour and some odd video but I love how the circuit in the thumbnail is totally wrong from Eric's original circuit also I feel sorry for everyone that doesn't believe in dare I say "free energy" lmfao guess what its very real anyways I hope I can put someone back on track with my words. Good luck out there we all need it.
This is a very long video. Requires a lot of patience to put up with my yada, yada-ing....

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