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Originally Posted by RAMSET View Post
the others you mentioned [TinselKoala and Poynt]
Do believe in this path [FE] ,and actually did want to understand the Rosemary A claim one thousand seven hundred percent
more heat out than in ???

and yes I did ask for help understanding the claim

its a process I go thru to keep from bothering much bigger "assets" with Nonsense.
not a slight against TinselKoala or Poynt or anyone
but there are people available to the open source community with HUGE resources to help us
You have been deceived by TK and Poynt99 into thinking they actually do believe in any of this or that they wanted to understand Ainslie's claims. Their goal from the beginning was to debunk it - not to understand it. Their first goal was to launch their little campaign to discredit me, which didn't work, by claiming that my mosfet was actually not oscillating, which is beyond laughable. Then the claims that any recovery is impossible because the inductive resistor is a resistor that must burn up everything so there can't be any recovery? Those are not just lies because , it is also completely laughable. with their background, they're not stupid enough to actually believe that nonsense. The only way someone with their backgrounds would actually make such ridiculous statements that are obviously false is just like what has been stated - they are only interested in spreading disinformation about technologies that may actually show overunity.

With your background, you're too informed to buy that garbage yet you defend them. Why is that? And why is it that any of those liars are removed from here, it is YOU that conveniently comes to their assistance by copying their posts from OU into this forum despite the fact that their statements are blatant lies? Why is that? You don't do that to others that are banned from here - just the "experts" who are all working in collaboration with each other who are liars who have been proven to be knowingly spreading misinformation.

This post by Ainslie is correct - at the time: "it seems that Mark Dansie has joined the battle against Ainslie (she is speaking of herself) and has stepped in to assist our Little TK as he falls against the ropes. No surprise as they share the same employer. And the same agenda. And that agenda has nothing to do with the promotion of scientific discovery. Far from it. Mark unashamedly denies free energy claims across the board. This includes Rossi’s data that has been independently verified by acknowledged experts in the art. And that refusal alone is more than enough to destroy his public credibility. And – from a more personal perspective – his credibility for me was UTTERLY voided when he REFUSED to publish the fact that we’d withdrawn our RETRACTION of the claims in Paper 1 & 2"

That was may be 4 years ago in Dansie's forum - he is another time wasting troublemaker who is part of the TK, Milehigh, Poynt99 crew - the difference is that he did not participate here like they did. These clowns have one agenda - to discredit anything that comes close to looking like legitimate free energy. Anyone that believes they are sincere in wanting to help out or to learn the truth is completely dedicated to self deception.

Don't twist my quote of Rosemary into being an agreement with her original COP 17 claims. I distanced myself from here because she was acting crazy, sending me messages telling me how unacceptable that it was for me to delete all the threads related to her, etc. when they're all still here perfectly preserved, etc. I got tired of it and refused to communicate with her anymore.

She spent a lot of time personally communicating with Milehigh, Poynt99, etc. learned all their real names, where they worked, etc. and she assembled a really good picture of who they really were. Who they are is alluded to in the post above. Early on, I was in communication with her about her communications with them - she had the patience to deal with them, I did not but I got an ear full and also verified quite a bit of it - that was a long time ago.

There is no question that their only true aim is to spread disinformation about these technologies and to construct their weak little character assassination campaigns.
Aaron Murakami

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