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Chet K. deceit

Originally Posted by citfta View Post
There is really only one reason I still come to this forum. There are sometimes people that come to this forum that have actual interest in learning about OU and in particular electronics. So I still from time to time have an opportunity to answer technical questions for them. I enjoy helping others learn about electronics. As far as I know the only two people left on this forum that actually have working experience in electronics are bistander and myself. Even UFO who used to consider me a know nothing has come to recognize that bistander and myself do have something to offer.

As far as you constantly trying to lump Chet in with others, you are way off base. Chet will work with anyone that he thinks may have something to offer. That does NOT mean he approves of all they do. If you want to use that kind of logic you need to be careful. I was at the first energy conference. I saw you clearly introduce Rick Frederick and give him high praise before he rode his electric lawn mower into the conference room. So are we to assume that you approve of his later actions and you are in league with him in his actions?


I've supported your presence on this forum from the beginning and appreciate your assistance to others. But I pay the bills to enable you to help others here so I don't think you have any room to judge me for selling books and videos. Your post was also making a false claim because I don't push the "final secret" of free energy and never have.

Is there any video or pictures of me in front of the room at either of the two conferences organized by Rick? I never had the microphone at either of the first two conferences put on by Rick Friedrich and I never introduced him - if I did it is news to me and I have zero recollection of it. I don't believe I would have given him high praise because I didn't like him. I'll give him credit where credit is due, but for the most part, I didn't like him.

Rick wanted any involvement by Peter and I to be at a minimum because he didn't want anyone else stealing his thunder. What I mean by that is that it was the promotions that Peter and I put out on the lists that filled most of the seats - John was thankful for this but Rick, never a single word of gratitude. We didn't want to even do that much because Rick didn't deserve it but we decided it was worth doing to support John - we knew John's business needed it.

Peter's Battery Secrets presentation done by Peter was only done because Rick was incompetent in managing the conference and was in desperate need of a presentation to fill up some valuable time so he begged Peter. Peter literally put that talk together that night and presented it the next day. Peter's Lockridge device talk was also to support John since it was John who pretty much put that device into the public conversation.

Ask anyone else who was at that conference how many times I was in front of the room on the mic. The answer is zero. You must have me mistaken for Tom Childs possibly or someone else.

As far as Chet - I post the indisputable proof that Luc was fully aware I was the inventor of the circuit - one of many examples - Luc even asks me to check it to make sure he got it right:

Chet posts Luc's response from 2015, with Luc posting blatant lies about what actually happened in the chronology of the development of my circuit. I point it out and instead of acknowledging that it is obvious that Luc is indeed lying, he goes on about what others thing about Luc, which is irrelevant. So if you want to use logic, Chet doesn't have the integrity to admit this and goes on with his misdirection attempts. So yes, Chet is being lumped together with those other clowns for good reason - he is pulling the same nonsense.
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