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Ramset deceit

Originally Posted by RAMSET View Post
and now the Elephant in the room
There is no elephant and your claims separating TK & Poynt99 from Milehigh is laughable. Your phony elephant distraction is to take the focus off the original fact that you are supporting Luc, a known liar. With Mile high, you even post TKs posts quoting Mile High - that supports both mile high and tk. All these people are on the route of trying to debunk something before they even know what it is hence the claims that automatically there can't be recovery since it is a resistor. LOL That isn't skepticism, they're skepticlowns - that is who you promote. Don't try to misdirect the attention to anything else. The point of my original post in this thread is how you quickly come to Luc's rescue by posting his response about the plasma ignition, which is filled with blatant lies. So do you support liars? Yes, and it is indisputable. No matter how you try to weasel out of it, the facts will never change.

COP of 17? Thanks for bolding it multiple times - makes it much easier to see. Has ZERO to do with the conversation, the only thing relevant is WHO you associate with.

I've gone public years ago that those 17 COP claims are bogus (or I should at least say that I've never seen anything that comes remotely close to that) and the only thing I found at the most was COP 2.0 - i got 2 times the joules out of the battery compared to the manufacturer's rating before the batteries came down to 12.00 volts where it was before it was charged up to the top. I was more interested in the fact that I also was able to get the resistor to drop 5C below ambient, which is a form of cold electricity when you can get the current to flow in the same direction as the voltage.

I don't know what is more interesting - that you are trying to change the subject that it is a fact that you continue to strongly support known cons, trouble makers and liars or the fact that you are the cleanup man for a FBI assisted bombing of the WTC in 1993.
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