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Hi !

the ETBC resonate in double frequency, in case of Inductance 31.5uH, Capacitance 92nF. F = 94+Khz X 2 = 188 Khz !

the SG between CD give a powerful respond due to low resistance , it's a capacitor discharge across itself to form a coil , it's expected some electrons near CD region see a very tiny resistance which lead to very powerful respond with big sound .
there's a good scenario that you can test, i want to share my idea and you can choose !

the ETBC with open CD can be used as excitation coil but you need another ETBC as explained before , here you are the drawing again :

the power can be taken in star position in large amount , this is the best coil to take the power , about your question : Is it possible that L2 connects across the CD/SG? yes there's some amplification when connecting CD with L2 .


The above coil should be named as the twin ETBC OR T-ETBC , have to be used with great care with an ETBC since there's a danger of high voltage high current which can be lethal ... ( warning ) , the excitation ETBC better to follow the T-ETBC geometry , the following drawing will show the correct usage :

it's the pick up coil or the T-ETBC , in the excitation coil we can use ABCD , the only diffirence with T-ETBC is the place where we take the power .
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