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Hi med,

I have been going over the early comments in the thread.

My wrap is never going to work at the level we re expecting. Inductance 31.5uH, Capacitance 92nF. F = 94+Khz. My Mazilli is running at 42.5Khz. Not even 2:1. I can adjust the Cap and get close to 2:1.

With the SG sound is very loud! Like an old Gatling Gun! Need to get up to Mhz. I do not think that this is going to be possible with the quantity of materials I have used. However if I close the gap of the SG to minimum, I get plasma effect. I have made a parallel SG using two straight wires, thinking that this configuration might give longevity and even quality of spark.

With wider SG gap get big voltage spikes, with small gap get higher frequency smaller spikes. I suppose, it evens itself out. When SG in tube, there does not seem to be any amplification back to Wrap. Have not wound L2 yet to test mutual coupling with SG. Is it possible that L2 connects across the CD/SG?


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