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2 must read articles

Kim asked for a meeting. Trump said yes. The war party had cardiac arrest.
Contra Corner ยป Bravo, Trump! His Spur Of The Moment “Yes” Unmasked 68 Years Of Washington Duplicity
NOT by coincidence, Mueller is going balls-to-the-wall in his investigation trying to find ANYTHING.
JFK was a good guy but, he just didn't have enough larceny in his past to realize what a threat he was to the FED and war hawks. He was very naive to go to Dallas in an open car.
Trump isn't burdened by any illusions about how far the deep state will go to get rid of him.
The hawks plan to back him into a position where he will be forced to start a war with Iran OR go down in flames. They want to paralyse the White House and let the Pentagon kick off a war,,, by hook or, crook.
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