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Marc Belanger's PMH

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Marc Belanger
1 year ago
I figured something out that is really cool and could result free energy for anybody who builds this. I took a piece of round soft iron bar stock and bent it into a U shape, leaving the two parallel pieces evenly spaced at 1" from the U all the way to the end. I kind of leaned towards the Ed Leedskalnin device theory but completed the project with my own detail and ideas. I wound a very heavy duty coil on one side of the horseshoe,. and another coil the opposite way on the other side, connecting the wire in the middle.

The horseshoe is 8 inches long, and the windings are 240 turns each, with number 20 awg magnet wire. I wound them along the length of the horseshoe and left 3 inches of space unwound at the end, so the windings were 5 inches long, connected at the top of the "U" in an anti lenz configuration.

I mounted the U to a wooden frame and bolted it to the metal frame for the rotor to spin inside of the U with the magnets facing the insides of the rounded faces, allowing very little drag and much overunity.

This I am giving away as an open source free energy design. Please tell everybody about it and share the diagram.

I ask for nothing to use or experiment with, however it has been added to one of my sites and I do own the design. If it is sold, I wouldn't be very happy. I also have rights to this since it has been saved online, so please just use this for free electricity and don't go selling it! Please pass that message around !!