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take much responsibility for your own actions ?

tonnes of members complained about your toxic contributions to Stefan

threatening members with violence ,using racist [white supremacist] humor to poke fun at others .

Vulgar sexual content posts along with threats...

posting comments on Hitler attacking/killing US president [in 1963
and V1 rockets targeting the pentagon ....

there are Reems of attacks and violations of almost any terms of service agreements on any moderated forum hosted by a known person [not some anonymous Blog type]

taking responsibility for your own actions ??

its really unfortunate that this happened Allen,you just can't seem to follow laws or agreements [TOS agreements]

when your a guest in a mans house ??

its really not hard to do at all.

good luck with your work [and I do mean that sincerely]
I see your post below

sorry to post in my own thread...
but you wrote My name ....

I hope Evostasr fares better than in the past here [when you took over his thread for quite some time ]...he seems a sincere and dedicated fellow

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