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The subject of extracting energy from the ground.
I do expect progress both ion cold and warm.
Some 555 projects have low voltage variations that chirp my concentration on larger surface area.

I tried to explain an extraction showing the plasma globe used an excited plasma inside but the focus
is on what happens outside the glass. I Showed examples of how the external field outside the glass was extracting
energy from the less potential ( the term ground makes this more difficult to visualize ).

I tried to find a video to demonstrate that aether self assembles on the outside of the glass
as a very thin membrane with extended protrusions is a subset of a much larger lattice I refer to as aether.

In a separate project John Bedini used a copper bowl formed copper oxide coating using the same principle
making at low voltage crystal cell. The activity inside the bowl used water and magnesium crystal.
The crystals communicated to the outside of the oxide coating forming an aetheric structure.
It was John's project and he made improvement with the crystal activity level. from 4 mA to 18 mA.
And we are grateful for all his efforts. Later experiment looked like a controller for Priore blumstraung emission.

There are other projects. If the activity (dipole) inside the dielectric can be recycled
then the small resistance to the outside becomes a negligible factor in extraction.
The term synthesis would involve an explanation of the coherence at the surface.
Recall that in one video they placed the plasma ball in a vacuum so without ions
activity stopped therefore increasing ions and pressure outside the globe
should prove to be beneficial in extracting more novel energy from ground.

The intensifier based off prior art Tesla Patent 685,012 that uses liquid refrigerant and self resonance.
It is classified to another patent 1928 using prior art magnifier it uses copper oxide as a rectifier.
It is electromagnetic.

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