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Timing solved.

I'm shifting my emphasis away from the serial bifilar and back to the induction formula because I found my "Electro-Magnet Coil" outperforms the serial bifilar for the following reason:

Magnetic field strength is a function of inductance and input. Two coils, one with higher inductance and the same input will generate a magnetic field whose strength is in direct proportion to it's weight in copper and core permeability.

The final design is a pulse motor with a tube spinner and magnetic axle bearings like Skycollection's. This spinner needs one adjustable output coil to regulate R.P.M. with Lenz drag. The spinner has two reciprocating "Reed switches" reverse biased on either side of the tube magnet. One's on for the pulse to the aircore power coil while the other at 180 degrees is off and viva versa. The output switch runs from the attraction neutralization electro-magnet to the destination; Load, capacitor or battery.

The electro-magnet coil is powered by "Inductive Kickback" from the aircore power coil. The output is channeled from the electro-magnet coil through the second Reed switch to the destination as pulsed D.C. during the attraction phase of the piston cycle.

The most important point here is that the output has an asymmetric relationship to the kickback input and is a function of electro-magnet coil and core inductance coupled with oscillating attraction piston magnet strength, not input power.

We're at the dawn of a new free energy era, and public announcement of this free power generator needs to be accompanied by the disclosure of a "Geo Resource" protection policy to avert market panic. Time to pop the corks folks! Every man a sultan and woman an equal.

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