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Kunstler, Trump just dithers

Kunstler claims that he is a democrat BUT, they have gone completely off the rails. He dislikes Trump quite strongly but, admits that klillary is a psychopathic mega killer. He is conflicted by just about everything. Here is his latest observations on the Russian investigation.
"It must be hard on The New York Times editors to set their hair on fire day after day in their effort to start World War Three."

The Times’s world-view begins to look like the script of a Batman sequel with Vlad Putin cast in The Joker role of the cackling psychopath who must be stopped at all costs! America’s generals have switched on the Batman signal beacon, but Donald Trump in the role of the Caped Crusader, merely dithers and broods in the splendid isolation of his 1600 Penn Avenue Bat Cave, suffering yet another of his endless bipolar identity crises. For God’s sake, The Times shrieks, do something! The Russians are coming! (Gotham City’s Chief of Police Hillary said exactly that last week in a Tweet!)"

"The actual message, for the non mental defectives left in this drooling idiocracy of a republic, was as follows: Nuclear war remains unthinkable, so kindly stop thinking about it."
"to discourage the USA’s decades-long policy of regime change here, there, and everywhere on the planet, creating a debris trail of one failed state after another. As a true-blue American, I must say these are two admirable propositions (from Putin). Is it fatuous to add that atomic war is unlikely to benefit anyone? Or that the world has had enough of US military “meddling” in foreign lands?"

"Today’s Times story includes another clumsy attempt to set up expectations that the 2018 midterm elections will be hacked by Russia, in order to keep the hysteria at code-red level."
"What’s going on here makes the Red Scare of 1920 and the McCarthy episode of the early 1950s look sedate in comparison. It’s reasonable to suppose that officials in any foreign country watching the dismal ongoing spectacle here would conclude that the United States has lost its mind. Somebody please take us to the hydrotherapy chamber!"
Light It Up - Kunstler

I most certainly hope that Trump keeps dithering. Netanyahooo has ALWAYS used the U.S. military to threaten and destroy anybody or State that got in the way of the zionist ambitions. He is foaming at the mouth at the prospect of Iran and Lebanon getting so powerful. Trump MUST destroy Iran. Russia is, of course, next in line.
General Wesley Clark: The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years ... Iran was / is on that list that came DIRECTLY from the jewish neocons. Clark made that very clear.
Netanyahoo said that America was an unreliable partner and, he was going to cozy up to Vlad, his buddy.
The IDF told Netanyahoo a few years ago that israel could expect to receive 11,000 missiles a minute if they attacked Iran. He said that" it would be bad but, he was prepared to accept the cost. " He is now under indictment for massive corruption. Apparently, the people of israel do NOT want to receive 11,000 missiles a minute. Trump can dither until Netanyahoo prepares to attack Lebanon. The military will toss him out to prevent national suicide.
Various hawks in the congress are working towards WW III. Trump just dithers.
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