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Resonant oscillation

My coil capacitance measures 3.33 uF, the inductance 78mH and the electrolytic capacitor 70uF. The resonant frequency of the bifilar coil is 312 Hertz and the resonant frequency of the LC tank 70 Hertz. This yields a co-efficient of 265 Cycles per minute. Look at the video again and tell me from counting the vibrations in the cork cocktail coaster if it's in that range or not.

The R.P.M. of the Reed switch spinner needs to match the resonance of the bifilar to pump the magnet piston. If the ball speeds up to fast the piston oscillation stops. The resonant frequency of the bifilar coil alone is over 18 thousand cycles per minute, so the addition of the 70uF capacitor is needed to bring the frequency co-efficent down to 265 cycles per minute where the resonant magnetic magnetic field can grab ahold of the magnet piston.

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