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Could Tesla's use of iron as a magnetizable sink be reversable homopolar generation?

If a spinning magnetizable disc can produce high amps and low volts, then can a magnetized mass of iron impart current to the inner core of the type of coax suggested be used for the laying of 19th century transatlantic cable? Namely, a copper core sheathed with either iron wire or iron ribbon as described by Eric Dollard before 27 minutes into his lecture to the Tesla Society of San Francisco on the History of Electricity...

William Lyne claims Tesla said something to the effect that...
"for every two hundred pounds of iron added to his Special Generator, one horsepower was increased".
Chapter 63 of Thomas Commerford Martin's book, "Inventions Researches And Writings Of Nikola Tesla".

Then, can size matter? If the mass of a homopolar disc is increased, can we get one horsepower out of it for every two hundred pounds of mass?

And can we do the same thing to a 4,000+ lb. Pierce-Arrow EV conversion? Can we get a gain of power up to 20 horsepower if we use iron sheathed coax within certain sections of a circuit... inductively transfer excess energy (via its iron sheathing) to the chassis of the vehicle and then connect a large aerial to this mass on the rear of the car to serve as a reference to the surrounding environment?
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