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cold effects

Originally Posted by mikrovolt View Post
Good point BroMikey, Both warm and a cold type energy flows
where being discovered and the crystal cells were cold however

Back when Aaron was working on Ainslie hybrid circuit it was common to use thermometer to see the
resistors warming and the battery level jump. I recall the ebook was called The Quantum Key.

I mention this warm, cold distinction because recently we were asked about what type amplifier
should we be using. I believe the push-pull AB type, the cascode having miller effect
AB using either the negative or the positive now. later we will use both.

For example small fusion reactor for space travel sometimes needs heat other times cold ions.
Both reactors make a dipole. The wave guides form dog bone structure one side benefits from the other.
Even though flow is unidirectional on either side the push pull type forced oscillator will be useful for rapid aether replenishment.
The capacitors on either side seldom deplete otherwise reset restart. Principle being don't kill the dipole in switching.
In the future we can say Don't deplete the dipole capacitors in push pull operation.
In reference to the cold, the Ainslie setup with the inductive resistor went 5C BELOW ambient as measured withe the platinum thermocouplers. It did that when the 555 timer circuit's battery was too low to properly operate the 555 and it went into some strange oscillations and the inductive resistor absolutely started to cool down. I had a second thermocoupler same kind - very accurate and these type are impervious to influence by any EMF (electromotive or electromagnetic) - literally, the resistor went cold.

This didn't have anything to do with ground energy so I hope we're not getting too off track in this thread.
Aaron Murakami

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