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Headlines and the 25th

CNN, Removing a president using the 25th Amendment would require a political apocalypse
Yahoo, Donald Trump Jr. Liking This Shocking Tweet Has Us Worried About His Mental Health
Why the 25th Amendment Doesn't Apply to Trump—No Matter What ...
Is Trump Unfit for Office? The Constitution Says Yes - Newsweek
Trump Impeachment is More Likely Than 25th Amendment Removal ...

Don't remove Trump with the 25th Amendment | Fox News
Why Congress Won't Touch the 25th Amendment - Roll Call
Think the 25th Amendment will take care of Trump? You're dreaming.
Invoking the 25th Amendment Is a Terrible Way to Get Rid of Trump ...
How Far Must Trump 'Unravel' Before the 25th Amendment Kicks In ...
Will the 25th Amendment Save America From Trump? Not as Written

Trump's FISA Tweet Shows Why the 25th Amendment Is Unnecessary ...
Why the 25th Amendment Route for Dumping Trump Will Probably Remain a Fantasy

The media "elites" are trying to stir up a $hit storm to get ball rolling on dumping Trump. Kunstler seems to think that they will eventually be successful.****-nati...mes-od-corral/
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