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California Geez Louise

Immigrant says "I'll kill some more" he is in court and California is going
to release these guys to do more killing. Trump sends ICE, governor,
mayors, police call up the criminals and tell them to run. Naturally
since California wants to pimp children legally. Zhit runs down hill.

If officials can all just do their own thing and not obey Govt. powers
then I guess everybody can do the same, right?

This is why people in Detroit have carried guns for over 20 years
and also stating if they are approached by police (Not All police are dirty)
they will shoot them. Since there is no justice and the Detroit Judges
and law enforcement have been using the immigrants to traffic drugs
and children, this is why the law of the jungle takes over.

It is nothing to drive by hoods where machine guns put bullets all thru
the houses and still no one knows how it happened. The swamp is the
deep state and ALL the dirty officials.

In most cases you must pledge to be down with their (system) sickness
or you don't get the position.


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