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Originally Posted by Scorch View Post

Then; WHY did you link this controversy in my own youtube channel if you didn't want me to come here?

You are the one who invited me.

And more than likely, it was your same act that caused Rick to respond with his 4 page statement of facts.
And BTW; he is probably prepared to certify that statement and others as an affidavit of truth for the public record.

If I were him; I would certify an affidavit of negative averment since you appear to be the accuser who suffers the burden to prove commercial injury damages and provide a remedy that may be granted per the law of this land.

I merely am the disinterested, NEUTRAL party here trying to you get you guys to play nice in this sandbox but, hey; if you are not interested in a logical, civil settlement then of course, nothing more I can offer. *shrugs*

Is totally up to YOU guys to SETTLE your controversy.

IF something was stolen then, by all means; either perfect a private administrative remedy or authorize a public civil complaint under penalty of perjury complete with a remedy that may be granted and file it into the court for resolution and let big brother decide for you.

It's as simple as that.
No need to keep this PUBLIC bickering up for 12+ months to the detriment of all including the Bedini family.

Kindest regards;

Aaron Murakami

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