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Originally Posted by Vinyasi View Post
Eric answers this question, but in a different context: not magnetic, but dielectric...
Eric Dollard - History and Theory of Electricity - YouTube that energy passing through a capacitor to get to the other side of space, namely counter-space, is not the same energy coming back out of the dielectric (of a capacitor) from counter-space. And, thus, the two energies are not equivalent. One can be greater than or less than the other.

I have a guess why...

Whenever the square root of a value on an oscilloscope tracing is taken, it can yield two right answers if each is affiliated with two unique waveforms giving two new identities different from the parent waveform which preceded them. Multiplication of waveforms induces a need for more energy to embody more waveforms while the elimination of waveforms has the opposite effect. The energy to embody the increased population of waveforms has to come from somewhere, but who has an imaginary meter to read imaginary values in counter-space? -- Pun intended, ie. a meter that can read complex numeric values of mixed real and imaginary parts.

Lewis Carrol's "Through the Looking Glass" is a very apt metaphor for the dielectric property acting as a portal negotiating between space and counter-space. I suspect coils act as bidirectional pumps that will determine whether energy is going to leave the circuit or enter into it from the aether and to what degree in each direction from moment to moment.

Thus, the expression...
Energy IN equals Energy OUT

...does not pertain to the majority of forces governing the dielectric and magnetic fields, but merely thermodynamic conversions and losses.

As an aside...
The attached file, below, is excerpted from pg.110 of Eric's presentation to the San Francisco Tesla Society. It has proven to be an enhancement, of Eric's simpler LMD analog computer given out during his Borderlands video from 1988, when used for the amplification of an initial operator input of energy to start a surge toward infinity (at least undergoing simulation in a browser's JavaScript or in Java using CircuitMod).
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