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1) What kind of man chooses to wait until ones death before making claims about them or their business, only a conman and or a liar does these things. For how is a dead man to defend himself?

2) Rick said he was going to repair my $1500.00 charger and has yet to do so. I assume I am never going to get it back as it has been years. My demands are repair my charger, I will pay for the parts and then return the unit back to me as that is what we verbally agreed upon.

Dave Wing

Rick some facts I wanted to share, points 2-8 are your own words on the August 8th 2013 phone conversation we shared.

1. You wait until the Bedini's are dead before you start talking negatively about them.
2. You told me John was like a Dad to you.
3. You told me the split was a total shock to you and you did not know what to do.
4. You told me you paid 10 percent royalties to John for all Bedini kits sold.
5. You told me that even though your charger sales were cut off by Energenx, you were still paying 10% royalties to John for all Bedini kits sold.
6. Rick I left you as a dealer because you would only give me a 10% dealer discount for all charger sales generated, Energenx offered more sales commission and you, Rick, were given the opportunity to match the commission and you would not so I made a business decision and left you as my supplier and went with Gary and John.
7. You also hinted at removing the potting material from the chargers to see the circuitry and commented to me on the fact that the circuits were not the ones used in Johns' patents and therefore anyone could build such a charger.
8. Rick even though I moved over to Energenx you and I were still on good enough terms for you to ask me to come on board with you, after the split, and sell the charging equipment, that you currently sell on your website, as you may set up production of chargers in Canada or China and go head to head with Energenx.

Rick you agreed some time ago to repair my charger and have yet to do so as agreed. You will not return my emails and or phone calls even though you say "I answer all my phone calls". I have had enough of you... You call yourself a Christian man yet you embarrass the Lord by conducting business like a thief.

You stole my charger!

I have come to terms that it will never be repaired by you, I will never receive it back from you and it is a total loss.

Dave Wing

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