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The Real Story

So the whole time Rick and his friends come to visit they take my information and pass it around like playing cards. It was later found out that they were making my oscillators and selling them without permission, nor would I ever give them permission, You the people be the judge of what was going on with this gang. So therefore the new sing.


Originally Posted by Scorch View Post

Do you want money?
Do you want an apology?
Do you want his right arm?
Do you want him to prove something?
Do you have something to prove?

Please respond.
Here is Rick

your position both
for John, in making him a god, ........... What did Bedini actually invent anyway?

SG? Novelty electric motor.

Just exactly what did John inventor own?

........... open your eyes to see your idolatry Tom.

You have agreed to defend people against the truth

........... then he wouldn't be your god. You

you cannot see all of John's contradictory statements and actions.

I never said John was a dummy,

No, all you did was listen to gossip that a bunch of drunk guys
shared behind people's backs.



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