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Scorch, all you're doing is proving you simply do not operate on a foundation of integrity OR you are simply not comprehending the facts that have already been spelled out through this thread where Rick trapped himself in lie after lie.

You also do not know what you do not know about this situation and are expressing serious ignorance as you are sharing your perspective based on a lopsided argument by a known thief, liar and charlatan. You obviously are not able to analyze Rick's statements in their entirety and in the context of what all the actual eye-witnesses have stated about his claims.

And, nobody has really even heard my side of the story because I haven't posted it yet. I don't even need to tell my story, I only need to show how each claim by Rick is yet another fabricated lie and I will do that when I feel like it.

It is irrelevant what legal standing a NDA has - if someone fills it out showing the intent to honor one, it is at minimum a display of good faith, then one proves themselves to be nothing more than a dishonorable liar and deceiver when violating such an agreement. Rick was sent a cease and desist by John's attorney, which is the first normal action to enforce an NDA or any contract violation. Furthermore, claiming there was nothing to protect shows your ignorance and naivety on the matter. You are simply taking Rick's word for it that there was nothing to enforce. You simply haven't the faintest clue as to what would have been protected or not. John did give out a lot of information to the public - do you think he gave out EnergenX's proprietary IP? It is quite obvious that hasn't even crossed your mind or you wouldn't have posted what you did had you actually took the time to think about it. You're starting to sound like Rick.

The charger circuits, software, etc. were NOT Rick's property and those developments and more were the exclusive IP of EnergenX and were absolutely covered by an NDA. It was EnergenX's property and was developed on EnergenX's dime and time. Rick had virtually nothing to do with those because he didn't have the circuit or programming experience. He even admits in his long-winded, lights are on but nobody is home ramblings that he did not do most it - that was in his latest drawn out psycho response about my posts. He did a lot of testing of the devices which were not designed by him, he gave feedback on the look and features of the charger, the controls, how the lights should look and the label - very superficial stuff - while Brett was the real designer and Rick even admits that. You should think first before sharing your ill informed opinion on the matter since you are led by a blind man.

If you had the wherewithal to comprehend Rick's first slander against John and his responses that were first posted in this forum, you would see that he trapped himself in lie after lie after lie. First he denies that he ever filled out an NDA, then it was shown that he did. Then he claims it is a forgery - although there are multiple eye witnesses that he filled it out in front of them - then he goes on one lie after another after another after another digging himself a deeper hole by the minute. That is the method of the pathological liar - each bit of evidence that exposes such a person leads to that person going on endlessly on and on and on with nonsense to cover it up while trying to distract you with all of the misdirection. The greatest fear that the psychopath has is of being exposed. If you can't see that, you seriously need to wake up.

I will address Rick's pathetic attempt to cover his lies as well as exposing his ridiculous claims against me - WITH PROOF - in my own time while doing my best to ignore those who lack the ability to understand or comprehend his sociopathic method of operation.
Aaron Murakami

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