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What is your desired remedy to solve your problem?

Eh... I actually prefer to live in the present and forgive our past sins and move on with our lives as we pursue our happiness of energy independence.

All this back and forth and disrespect for our fellow man and even childish images such as portraying Rick as a baby. Isn't this a reflection upon ourselves?

Have you ever heard of the term "Social Justice Wars" or "Social Justice Warrior" or "SJW"?

Here we have a forum that is SUPPOSED to be dedicated to new energy studies and yet; we have this VERY political thread full of mud slinging.

Is this who we are?

I have first hand personal experience with this kind of mud slinging which did result in substantial commercial injury damages that ultimately caused the complete shut down of an entire convention AND multiple social media forums including but not limited to facebook and twitter having to change their terms of service because their systems were being used to HARM other people with all the mud slinging and even threats of violence being thrown around by the SJWs who merely decided to have a problem with somebody else based on Assumptions, Presumptions, Deceptions and RUMORS and NOT who and what those other people actually are.

It turns out that it was all based on a mere DELUSION that some 'bad' thing exists (Alleged group of Neo-Nazi Furries invading or running a convention) when if fact this thing does NOT exist at all as had been claimed by the SJWs and this crap is STILL going on over two years later...

Been there, done that and was personally harmed by it. This is one of the reasons I haven't been around for awhile in these forums.
Because of all the very distracting CRAP being slung around and back & forth by misguided SJWs who ultimately DESTROYED their own convention that I was once proud to be a part of and did devote a substantial amount of my own time, energy and money helping to keep it going for years.

SO; what is your PROOF OF CLAIM and desired REMEDY to solve this problem you decided to have with each other?

The objective of any war and the duty of any warrior is to achieve PEACE.

So; what will it take to achieve peace between honorable, respectable civilized people who allegedly have a common interest in these systems?

Are we capable of being civil with other people and reaching a civil AGREEMENT-Treaty?

What, EXACTLY, do you want Rick to DO and how shall he be compensated for any services he provides for the solving of whatever your problem is?

What, EXACTLY, does Rick WANT?
My impression is that he simply wants others to stop harming him with defamation as he is TRYING to move forward.

And I do have an APPRECIATION that he actually does go to all this trouble, put up with all this crap and criticism and STILL manage to produce new and interesting things PLUS still be able to offer educational kits.

And if all this crap makes him decide to just give up and shut down and do other things with his life then; what? Is this really what you want? Do you want him to just STOP working in this field and go away?

If yes then; who you gonna yell at and blame at that point?

Rick says he has recordings. I believe this is true and he can produce this.
He also says there is nothing to NOT disclose if the information has already been disclosed by John and I believe this is also true.

Legally speaking; Rick is correct. A NDA has NO FORCE and EFFECT if there is no effort by the first party to maintain that contract. If John did in fact put stuff out in the public then, the NDA is not worth the paper it's printed on and John had no grounds to try to 'pull it back' in or BLAME somebody else because he let his stuff get out there or he personally put it out there.

Therefore I do not believe Rick is a liar in these aspects as well as others.
He offers stuff and fills the orders. This is also TRUE.

People can TALK all they want but ACTIONS have far more significance.
They can say this and that but it ultimately boils down to; who can PROVE their claim?

There are a LOT of claims being slung back and forth but no desired remedies.
What, exactly do you WANT Rick to DO for you and what is the PROOF OF YOUR CLAIM?

What is the cause and nature of the claim?
What is the desired remedy?

Do you want money and if so, what is the proof of the alleged damages?
Do you want an apology for stupid stuff in the past and if yes; are you willing to forgive and forget and move FORWARD upon delivery of your desired remedy?

He who is willing to sacrifice in order to achieve PEACE is the better man who actually is willing to SETTLE the matter by whatever means possible including self sacrifice.

Are you willing to SETTLE this matter in order to SOLVE whatever problem you decided to have?

Or; do you want this mud slinging war to continue indefinitely making ALL appear to be cry babies who FAIL to solve their own rivalries and controversies without help from the babysitter?

BTW: Any User, forum, host, ISP or other wire system being used to Defame another could potentially be held liable for the TORT of defamation which is a VERY easy case to win. All Rick has to prove is that a defamatory remark or image was actually found on that ISP, server, service, forum, website or whatever wire service or user it may be.

And BTW: IF there actually is a civil monetary claim beyond all this personal bickering over who said what or did what EVER in the PAST, then; GET over it and bring forth the PROOF OF CLAIM and SETTLE the alleged matter CIVILLY because; this 12+ month old thread is obviously NOT the solution.

And I certainly don't appreciate my own youtube channel being used to further this on-going WAR of words and mud slinging bringing me here to this muddy SANDBOX when I SHOULD be in the lab building and learning stuff...

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