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To me it is as simple as watching the presentation that Rick and
John B. put on together of the 10 coil monopole where John (while Living)
had to continually defend his position that Rick wanted. Rick was making it
sound like the NEW MONOPOLE was nothing like John's that Rick had
worked on it long hours and was now a Rick F. monopole.

Of course John B. gave that look to the camera man like we use to see
Johnny Carson give the the audience a look of pure fantasy delusion
coming from the interview.

Remember that corny look Johnny used to show the camera? That look
of disbelief? Well John B. gave us all one of those as Rick tried to take
credit for the New Monopole. John B. said that the monopole was his
own creation and everyone knows that.

Yet Rick, right in the presence of the inventor, gave that puppy dog
look with his low voice sort of mumbling. Rick has not stopped, he said
that it was his creation right in the face of the inventor and Rick is still
saying that it is all his.

Go watch the ORIGINAL 10 POLE video. Can you imagine how John B
must have felt? Having an individual working for him trying to take
full rights to something that was not his?

This is why Aaron calls Rick a psychopath. I'll have to concur, there is
no other conclusion I can make. Mental illness is nothing new so buyers
beware. You might get snookered, of course Rick is saying that John B.
failed to give good support to those he sold to because this is exactly
what Rick did.

It was Rick who failed his customers and he wants to hide those truths.

Like Hillary saying Trump was in bed with the Russian's when it was Her.

Same same psycho psyops, it's how a liar gets off. Tricky Ricky? Yup.

John opened his doors and opened his treasure to Rick and all he can
do is say things to make a blot on John's record before the unwitting.

For what?

John B was the top of his class, Ricky is nobody. John built an empire
on good workmanship and service over a period of decades he was well
known and well liked.

His specialty was amplifiers, and many inventions.

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