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play nice in the free energy sandbox. post #5

To All & Aaron

Please, can we all keep it on the science and keep the drama out.
Let's play nice in the free energy sandbox.

There will be 4 posts on this.

Thank You


From Rick F. His response to this post.

Aaron doesn't want to get along with me, but what have I done to him? He calls me a sociopath and pathological liar, but who is the one being an example of such? He cannot even admit that he promoted me and my work before, and now acts like I never did anything good. At least I can admit his contributions and also Bedini's. I can rise above personal differences and find the truth and good even in my enemies. John was a friend of mine for a season. I knew him better than most people got to know him. We went out to eat every day together and most every Friday evening as a family. It pains me that he betrayed me. But it pains me more that so many people have been mislead and wronged by him and now Aaron in these ways.
As for the claim about tools and equipment. I filmed and posted the last time I saw Gary Bedini, and John's wife. When I brought back some items to Energenx I asked Gary if that was all the equipment or tools they believed belonged to them. And he said yes. So why is Aaron lying about that and who made him representative of Energenx. That was 2013 and Aaron had nothing to do with them in that regard.
As for the 30 coiler, my good friend paid for that 30 coiler to be made and demonstrated to others in my shop and at my convention. He was able to have this life-long dream realized and actually was filmed at my historic convention explaining how it worked. He really appreciated making that contribution. After the model had served it's purpose, and after John and I were parting ways and my business was dried up due to many related controversies with John, I sold that to someone and used the money to improve upon the system which this donating friend was fully sympathetic with. I have continued good relations with him and that is all private. But in fact this same man was very upset that he was ripped off in investing a large amount of money into Energex. He was a part owner, and there were so many people that were out a lot of money, like one more than 250k! This was merely conjecture and slander for Aaron to promote. Aaron makes other crazy claims as if I do not pay taxes or operate without a business license because I no longer have a business in Idaho!
The bottom line is that he forgot to mention that I actually started World War I, World War II, and he knows that I have already caused World War III. I think anyone can see who is making things up here. I certainly have made my mistakes, but nothing of what Aaron has said. Let early Aaron 6-8 years ago speak for me. And look at all of the testimonies of my work that he copied onto his website show the same. I hope for better days. This work is not easy. I am no expert, just a hobbyist trying to help others at a time when vultures prowl and distract you from what is important. Beware of people that have no love and don't walk with you the extra mile. Time will show more and more who Aaron is. Hopefully he can salvage his own reputation and come clean. I am trying to do that myself.
Aaron Murakami

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