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play nice in the free energy sandbox. post #4

To All & Aaron

Please, can we all keep it on the science and keep the drama out.
Let's play nice in the free energy sandbox.

There will be 4 posts on this.

Thank You

Bringing up Gray reminds me of another important point in all this. Over the years I helped John in many ways, and one of the ways was sorting through and transcribing his lab notes. I in fact transcribed the SG story from the magazine as well as the window motor notes that appeared in the Bedini/Bearden book second publication (and transcribed many other papers). However, I noticed on the originals that the ink and pencil impressions were often not at all the same as the rest of the note on the same page. There was a clear difference in this respect, as you can even see in the copies, between the ones that were probably real (like in the later 80s and 90s') and the ones that were obviously fake or added in later (anything prior to 84 when John started out in this by his own admission in the Open Mind radio interview). I believe there was one as early as 1971. I remember having a real problem with that because it was not the same ink or handwriting and could not have been the right date obviously. The point is that John had clearly come back to these and added dates and no doubt this adds to the lies being believed by gullible people like Aaron (and I have to include myself in saying that as well). John actually told me many details about him and Ron Cole and how they tried to improve upon the Newman motor. We also talked about many other things he is known for, such as one of the battery chargers. Going back to the radio interviews in late 1984 you can see how new this all was to John that year. He talks about his invention saying how he always wanted to figure out how to combine a motor with a generator and finally did so after getting the idea from Bearden earlier that year. This was the first experience he had with anything that was so special in that respect. There was nothing prior to that. So there is no reason to believe that there was any prior visits or knowledge of anything overunity related in motors prior to hearing Bearden in early 1984. Visits with Gray prior to 84 are therefor suspect. You have some that say 1984 and others that say 1982. But listening to John in 1984 describe his coming to that point and how all of this was so new is not compatible with having met Gray and making such lab notes two years prior. The idea of making such a motor was only realized after listening to Bearden in early 84 unless that story was also not true. It is obvious that John was a man that changed dates around for his own advantage. He deceived the public in this respect with me in putting dates down that were 5 years later. Then with the NDAs. etc., So also with lab notes. This is all in the context of who really invented something and owns it.
The fact is that John copied people as most people do. There is nothing wrong with improving upon things others have done or using what others have shown. But when you act like you created it, as Aaron is now trying to continue the myth, then you lie. People can discover things at the same time and not know it. But I watched John trolling the internet to try and copy people like Hutchison and so many others. Then somehow it went through his filter and became his idea. Aaron perpetuates that foolish deception that Gary Bedini hated and ridiculed every other day.
Aaron is not just wrong in this respect generally about all of John's so-claimed inventions, but specifically about the SSG. Again, starting with the SG, it came from the 1974 (with prior art going back to the 30s I believe). It is just a self-triggering oscillator motor that Bedini showed a 10 year old girl how to win a science fair with. That created a sensation for her and then was on Keelynet. And just prior to that a world-famous man claims to have told John about it which I find interesting. The SG was nothing new. The SSG was then just making a 2 battery version of it along the lines of the Benitez/Tesla concept of multi-body system. Bedini's patents did not actually cover the SSG as I wrongly tried to promote. They only covered the additions to that process.
Aaron continues on with more bogus claims I will respond to. He says I have committed IP theft but does not demonstrate that. I have shown that Energenx/Bedini electronics had little actual intellectual property and no actual secured or undisclosed proprietary information in reference to the public. When I parted ways from Bedini I did not sell any battery chargers that were patented. Bedini's one battery charging patent only pertained to the dual process of charging a cap and then discharging it by a second mosfet. The patent was irrelevant to battery charging and rejuvenation so I didn't use it. And his radiant charging patent could not be used as a product as it was not compatible with the microchips and was too venerable to self-destruction. Brett discovered that with much testing and he also found that Peter's golf cart recovery with it was only to 50%. New chargers had to be made that were not Bedini designs even though Brett worked for Energenx. I don't want to create the impression that John did not contribute to the chargers or the free energy cause.
But the fact is that he grossly distorted his contributions and claims to ownership as Aaron is perpetuating. Aaron's hostile and exaggerative spirit is manifest not just towards me but with anyone that may expose his lies. He needs this legend to be untouched. And he has foolishly overreached in his attempt to contain the lies. He has banked upon the fact that he has a lot of power in the the free energy community because of controlling major forums. But time is not on his side and the truth will eventually swallow him up as people realize all his lies and the lack of good fruit. I left him alone hoping he would find his way and actually get busy doing something to help people find what they were looking for. I thought some of the work with filming Dollard was a progressive step. But he is ultimately someone who doesn't care about the truth and people and is utterly ruthless and disrespectful. He can give me no credit but without my work, which he ripped off, he would have very little. I really don't care much, but I hope other people will not be harmed in the same way and I hope we can actually move forward. Just watch out for people that actually give you much without really giving you what you need. I don't want to go down as such a person, so I wrote a book that covers it all.
Aaron Murakami

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