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play nice in the free energy sandbox. post #3

To All & Aaron

Please, can we all keep it on the science and keep the drama out.
Let's play nice in the free energy sandbox.

There will be 4 posts on this.

Thank You

These guys are disrupters who are set on having you not succeed in this. Their fruit is known. My fruit is know. I have not had perfect customer service I admit. But I have given this my all. These guys love to tell and sell stories and try and bring down others. I wanted to just walk away but they had to attack because that is who they are. I only came out with the truth about Bedini because he never took down his slanderous lie about me on his one page, and because so many people had been deceived and confused by him in not only that matter, but in so many similar ways. Because I had largely contributed to the Bedini Lone Legend Myth I had to try and set the record straight. In doing that, however, it exposed the other liars and Bedini worshippers. And I have not shared more than a fraction of what could be shared in actual recordings I have of John saying everything you can imagine. I regret having to defend myself in this and the fact that this is not comfortable for the Bedini family. But this is beyond us, and the public has been manifestly deceived and harmed by so many things in this respect.
Aaron represents the last fading entity trying to keep that destructive myth going, and he is profiting much from it. He wants to control me. He wants to control you by asserting authority that does not exist and by lying about transactions that he had no access to or had means of ascertaining the facts about. I actually said the other week that I wondered if Aaron would ever come around when he actually considers my work. We are supposedly trying to do the same thing. There isn't much difference in the theories we hold to about overunity. Why this war Aaron? So let's look at his recent claim in this context that he is ignorant of.
Someone apparently brings out the fact that Benitez predated John in the technology a hundred years ago. This was a big point I made that is finally being realized. Benitez actually used Tesla's processes (from beginning with the 1891 resonance patent and then multiple other patents) and applied them to a unique battery rotating system. You can see the manifest similarity to Ed Gray's system 60 years later. No one seems to have made these connections in all these years. Bedini certainly did not mention Benitez to my recollection (and to give you and idea of how much I talked with John, it was like 3 hours a day besides lunch and regular work). The Tesla Switch is based upon the idea of Tesla Shuttle Circuits as Barrett outlines from other angles. Doing that with batteries was the Benitez contribution and so I more appropriately named it The Benitez Switch. However, Benitez actually understood how these things worked, and did not attempt to rapidly rotate batteries back and forth as John's Tesla Switch did (which I even show video of John admitting the process destroys batteries). In fact John and I once modified one of my chargers to self-charge and self-rejuvenate. I never sold that because it would ultimately ruin the battery plates and my first premise in the company is battery longevity (that was one reason I parted company with John when he wanted me to sell his own battery killer battery chargers after he got rid of Brett and tried to make his own). Anyway, Benitez was very important not merely for showing a simple application of these processes with batteries, but because he clearly stated, unlike Tesla, that you could personally have a self-sustaining system. He gave us both the proper Tesla Switch (which was with capacitors that could handle the rapid charging and discharging and not batteries that were damaged by doing that) and the proper methods of rotating batteries (that is not rapidly). Anyway, at least Aaron is admitting a tiny bit about Benitez finally. He doesn't give me any credit for that.
Aaron says this has nothing to do with my Loving Paths teaching. Well I demonstrated it. Aaron does not have the technical ability to judge any of these things. Aaron says I am ignorant of how the process works and about the batteries. But who do you think did the most research on batteries all these years Aaron? It wasn't Aaron, who was instead selling information. It was me. I have spent my life charging batteries and I know a thing or two about them. I have been in contact with thousands of customers all over the world regarding proper battery charging and also about using the Tesla Switch to ruin them. Even John admitted that the Watson type of motor energizer (which is the same thing) was something that destroyed batteries so that he had to use two batteries. That is keep one in charge mode for a long time while another was in run mode. His first book admittedly (not in the book but he admits somewhat later) was a battery killer, but he did not ever clearly set the record straight. I had to learn this myself by experience. So when so many people told me of the same, I felt the need to teach on this and prevent people from wasting time, money and their faith. Aaron is not someone who has working experience in the things he is promoting. He can talk some talk because he sometimes hangs around people in the know. If he actually had real experience in the shop he would be supportive of my efforts and realize what I have been trying to do. So early Aaron promotes me as opposite to present Aaron.
As for me stealing from John, what is the basis for such claims. I once thought John had invented many things, and that was the manufactured legend that was attractive to believe. You want to believe it. You want it to be true. A few years after I left association with these people I hired a top engineer and after a few months we realized we had the same experience with Bedini. He had 12 years prior to me business contract dealings with them that even went to court. In that battle, which he and other parties won, they uncovered a history of how the Bedini's had worked with others. It's not my point to discuss such matters, but my experience was not singular.
And the other fact is that this technology did not belong to John. He had a few patents that he let expire way before their time. But he did not own all related ideas, or even the SSG circuit. The patents, like many were (for a short time) binding only on the specific methods used and never had authority over the prior art, especially referenced in the patent. If you spend a day looking over all the patents and prior art connections cited you can see from patents alone where John got his ideas from. Patents are not always fair and they do not at all imply that the owner of the patent has invented all of the ideas contained or really even any of the ideas. They may have only been the first to get a patent, and the patent office often grants patents that they should not grant because they violate previous active and elapsed patents because they get a lot of money in issuing patents. The top spinner patent was long expired. That contained the basic SG. This was not John's invention. I have word of who John directly got the idea from, but I actually suspect it was an influence from Ed Gray.
Aaron Murakami

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