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play nice in the free energy sandbox .post #2

To All & Aaron

Please, can we all keep it on the science and keep the drama out.
Let's play nice in the free energy sandbox.

There will be 4 posts on this.

Thank You


From Rick F. His response to this post.
I have already shown how all these people are lying about me signing a non-disclosure with Bedini or Energenx. These people have at least three conflicting stories about the matter. First of all, Bedini was unwise in his befriending people and sharing everything with them as the stockholders would complain about. By doing that he prevented all ability to use or enforce NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). If you share things with the public, or give them access to your propriety information then you cannot later tell the same people or anyone else to keep the same private. It says that in their own NDA agreement used that they have to actually keep such thing secure, and also indicate that, and not let the public have access to it. Once I pointed this out to their lawyer he never called or contacted me again as he saw that point vividly. There were numerous ways they disclosed such private information. And trying to take it all back later was as foolish as John sometimes trying to force Yahoo to close down groups that posted information he freely gave out to the public. John created a walk-in museum eventually giving tours. It was a massive contradiction. It was an open-source environment by definition. The worst parts of this was that for years from 4AM in the morning, when the workers were come in, the front door was left unlocked and anyone could have had access to the upstairs museum, and three unsecured computers often left running for days and weeks, containing just about everything in the company. Other people's private information was also vulnerable, which also violates NDAs with anyone in that respect, as it goes both ways. The filing cabinet containing all important papers was unlocked and right beside the door!! That also had all the NDAs in it. Many people were allowed to use several of these computers (unsupervised for emailing) containing proprietary information that was unsecured. People were given tours of the shop while chargers were being built even though John used (worthless) potting to try and hide the parts. Crazy contradictions abounding... So by the definition and specifications in their own NDAs there was no bases for private information that needed to be secured and which people could be bound to keep private. It was all a big joke when the door was fully open to the public and people were invited to learn everything they wanted because John couldn't keep his mouth shut and effectively made this all open source. For months at the end we would record all contact with John and said so many things that would completely ruin his reputation if I published them. Especially my very last meeting with him where he shared exactly what he thought about all the people in the free energy community. It contains too much foul language to play, but shows what he really thought and how bitter of a man he was. He often talked behing people's backs and have that recorded about just about everyone. These Bedini worshippers really have no idea how he really felt about them. He had no respect for them because they fell for his big legend con and could never figure out his mystery puzzles he put out for people to solve (because he would rather play games than tell people the truth directly).
What is actually the truth about the NDA controversy with Renaissance and Energenx is that literally the week we were moving out to get away from John (who would come into our shop and take up our time with his meloncholy ramblings and eventually threats to close everything down) he came in and wanted something. He must have got wind that we were moving and came in and wanted one of my harddrives, as well as a computer he gave us. The harddrive was mine and several years earlier he wanted me to back up all of Brett's computer before he was removed so that Brett would not be able change anything. John and I went through all the files for a long time. This he allowed me to do and I have abundent emails to back that up as well as testimony from my staff. But what does that matter when the public had easy access to such files anyway. Nevertheless I gave him my harddrive and that Big Mac. At the same time he then demanded that we all sign NDAs. My staff just laughed at him as at that point there was nothing in him to take him seriously about. We responded to him saying, that we had been opperating without any contract and NDAs for years and were not going to be put under something like that when it was all way after the fact. So this is actually the real story of what happened as 3 or four of us are witnesses of. Again, if I had already signed one, he would not really even need one from them as they would be under my company in that respect. But this was just as deperate an attempt to manipulate the past as Aaron now in his slander.
This kind of open information for all mentality was all happening years before I got involved, and in several shops before the Hayden one. I came into such a relationship with John from the start. He never held back from me anything on the phone or when I first visited. You can see the video I took before Tony got rights on filming the motors. But how can you get rights on that when I was allowed to film it prior? They gave me the tour as they had so many others, and then later complained about having opened up that door. John was his own worst enemy as Aaron is now doing the same.
Before showing me everything it would have been appropriate to have me sign an NDA in 2005, but they did not. They didn't with Stan Meyer (not the hydrogen guy with the same name), and John freaked out when I showed him that he was sharing the information John freely gave him, who also was not required to sign NDAs. Remember it was me who brought this to John's attention. But many years later he actually tried to change the wording and manipulate dates on emails to make it look different. I have shown the exact emails in video that I still have that clearly reveal how much John lied about this and betrayed me. Someone who was actually helping him and which at the time he very much appreciated, and said that to the public as well! If I had done something wrong to them at the time, then they would have not worked with me, promoted me, and praised me for seven years after. This is where John and Aaron contradict their own stories. If I was doing them wrong and/or making bogus kits then they would have addressed that at the time. But in fact both Aaron and John praised my work, as we can see John do in several videos, including at my conventions. They all made a lot of money from my work, and I even gave them lots of time at my conventions. A lot of money was made by them and associate compies because of my work.
So let us consider their NDA contradiction claims in light of conflicting stories and timelines. The first claim is in the betrayal story of John's about the oscillator that Stan disclosed and which I informed John about. John there makes a statement that we signed NDAs with them which we did not. So that would have been 2005 or prior. The next claim is that NDA's were signed in 2007 at the time I started Renaissance. So which is it? Then Aaron and Tom Childs claim that they witnessed me signing NDAs while they were signing them. They present it like this all happened at the same time. But I only first brought Tom to the shop in late 2008 for the first time a year and half after starting the company (I have the picture of us with John Koorn date stamped and emailed). But they present it as if they were the same time. So what story do you wish to believe from these liars? 2005, 2007 or 2008? Maybe 2018 will be the next addition to their absurd story!
The truth is that the Bedini's lived under constant guilt for their failures. And they changed the truth for a lie and substituted what they should have done with what didn't happen. They should have had NDAs when they didn't. Gary did talk about me signing an NDA in 2007 but didn't do it. Tom Childs did sign an NDA in 2008 but I didn't. Also, there is not a place for a signature on their NDAs, nor a notary or a third party witness signature. Just a line you print your name on, and places to initial here and there. I never filled out such a form for them, if anyone who had do so for no reason as they contradicted the terms stated. Anyway, if I had already signed an NDA in 2005 I wouldn't need to sign another one or two. So Tom Childs, in his zeal of worshipping Bedini, manifestly lies to say I signed one in 2008 with him. So after a year and a half of designing all the chargers I would then be expected to sign an NDA because Tom had graced us with his presence?? I have proven all this in the videos showing you actual email dates as kept by me all these years. These guys are so deep into their lies that they don't bother considering all the manifest contradictions.
Aaron Murakami

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