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Rick Friedrich and his Pathological Lies

Recently, I have posted remarks about Rick Friedrick, his theft of IP, physical goods and the general ripping off of people in YouTube and in the other forum. Very disappointed that Geoffrey Miller would copy anything that Rick has to say into the other forum, but I will post it here for the record to preserve the lies that Rick is spewing. I will respond to this in brief when I have time. Anyone that knew John knows this is all concocted by Rick:

Playing nice in the free energy sandbox. post # 1

To All & Aaron

Please, can we all keep it on the science and keep the drama out.
Let's play nice in the free energy sandbox.

There will be 4 posts on this.

Thank You


From Rick F. His response to this post.

In regards to Aaron M's slanders against me I will respond to this latest statement as follows:
When I first became involved with the Bedini's Aaron used to come around from time to time with some new thing he was pushing on people. John told me that he didn't think much of him but John always loved people's attention. He told me Aaron once gave him one of his magical pills for his vehicle and it ruined his engine. I never took Aaron seriously because of his lack of credibility. His latest statements show that he has not changed in that respect.
I never did Aaron wrong so there is no reason for him to be so aggressive against me. It is him that is doing me wrong. I let him sell my chargers with Peter. I spent years with Brett designing, testing, and selling these chargers. Aaron later jumped on to my work and for some time I allowed him and Peter to sell my chargers as my dealer with my labels and used my testimonies on his website. Later they all went behind my back and bypassed me while still using my labels and testimonies for years. He also jumped onto the work I had done in the forums. Essentially he aggressively moved in and became an influence to take over all of my work in regards to the chargers and the forums. He did very little in regards to sales with the chargers, and provided no customer service which we had to provide to his customers who could not get through to him (even years after all ties were cut). For years we were blamed for his failures to his customers, as well as Bedini's failures in making bad product that didn't do the same thing.
I will grant that Aaron has done a good job of 1. making money in selling information, 2. making a big network with forums and websites (that I didn't have the time for), and 3. getting Eric Dollard to do videos. A better forum platform was needed, Aaron moved things to the next needed level, and I could not argue with that. I was too busy with actually making products and showing real overunity systems to mess around moderating the forums anymore. I let go of them and let others run the groups. There were many mistakes in that regards, but you can only do so much when you are volunteering for free. I appreciated everyone trying to help and move things forward, so I didn't try and compete with Aaron on his forums.
Aaron endorsed my kits, especially the 10 coiler as something important and beautiful, on his new forums. So did Bedini there and in video. I have shown video responses to all these claims of Aaron over a year ago after John and Gary passed away. Like I said, Aaron was one of my dealers and promoted my work that he now lies about as if he didn't or that I was doing the opposite at the time. So Aaron is fighting himself in the same way earlier Bedini contradicted later Bedini about me. Their own testimonies absolutely contradict each other.
Aaron and Bedini before him, tried to take advantage of the fact that people do not pay attention to details and that they also represented, by careful maneuvering, a kind of base of a movement. Therefore they presented slanderous statements against me with no details with the expectation that people would just believe their lies. But what wrong did I do to either of them for them to do this to me? It was all because they felt they didn't need me anymore and wanted to cash in on the great potential I created for them by my work. Or was it because of me showing a 26' cabin cruiser boat at my 2011 Convention (after which most of these people turned at once on me). Gary Bedini very frequently faulted me and Tony C. for making John a sensation which he said turned John into someone puffed up and unreasonable. I see now that he was right about that and that was one of my main reasons for coming out with the truth about John after so many people were mislead by him in that way. That was my biggest fault in all this, that I was so supportive of John. I fell for the same hype about him that Bearden first created back in 1984 when he put him into play. Everyone wants a legend and Bearden gave them one. But when you listen to the 84 audio Open Mind program you realize that John had really just begun learning about these things that year because of Bearden's appearance on that program. He also learned from Newman and Adams. He copied everyone and I am not sure if he really invented anything significant. And that is fine so long as you don't act like you invented everything this world has. At some point, according to his own brother Gary, who was the CEO of Energenx and Bedini electronics, John developed a completely distorted view of himself, just as Aaron is doing in boasting of himself over others (I won't say that I am anything over Aaron or anyone, but I am allowed to be satisfied with most of the work I have done). John gladly received recognition from others about inventions he copied from others. I just received word last week about a big name who actually showed him the SG circuit. But the idea really is in the 1974 patent of the top spinner, and the 2000 school girl science fair demonstration was not much more than applying that to an Adams-like motor that had a generator coil to power an LED. The battery would eventually run down just like the spinner. It was fascinating, but nothing new. Yes the bifilar coil had an added importance but there is no proof that John invented any of this. Aaron attacks me as if all these things belong to John. He is not familiar with patent law, patent history, and even the prior patent art Bedini cites in his patents. He perpetuates conspiracy theories like John Bedini: the Myth of Lone Genius (like the one book against Tesla recently published). John admitted to copiying Newman with the window motor. He and Ron Cole tried to improve upon it with transistor switching. Both Newman and Bedini made specific coils around the rotor where I did not see the need for that and found a more practical solution for actual products (and real overunity products were not what either of these men ever gave people). In the same way the monopole was from Adams who probably was not the first either.
The chargers also have a history dating back to the 1930s. And while John was involved in the earlier "radiant" charger designs that never were sold (except for the very few first RC-2A12's) he had very little to do with the actual products we made and sold under my Renaissance Charge name. John was usually off wasting time with something unimportant while the rest of us were working hard. While I did not make everything about these chargers, or even do most of the work, I did come up with idea and functionality of the chargers, some of the design, did much of the testing, and provided a base of sales and customer service for them in the real world (other people like to talk and not do anything useful).
Consulting later with top patent attorneys I learned that they were indeed equally owned by me and Energenx having shared in the work substantially and under no non-disclosure or other agreements with Energenx or Bedini. The truth is that Bedini also learned from me in many respects and we benefitted from each other. You can see a sample of their attitudes towards me in that respect in those long videos showing a day in the shop. I don't claim much about myself, but I did contribute far more than Aaron and the later John gave me credit for. Without me there never would have been any products sold. And in fact Energenx worked for me in manufacturing and I never worked for them. I volunteered countless hours and helped improved their working conditions and freed up space in their shop by storing a lot of things, including John's expensive cars, for years. I also pushed forward a following or movement of thousands of people, which Aaron jumped into and hijacked and has greatly profited from. The Bedini's were always talking about making big money from all of this (always promising me stock in their company as well), but I was never in this for money. While I had no training in any of this, nor in sales, I did what I could to help people. You can fault me for promoting Bedini as I did, and for other mistakes, but I sincerely tried to do what I thought was best. We can't change the past, but some people want to lie about it to make themselves the expert and ruler over everyone.
Aaron Murakami

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