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Transcend this discussion

There is so much absolute insipid pap in this thread that I habitually avoid anything posted by most of the participants. However, I made an exception today and scanned the thread.

There are 28 posts leading up to my post today and a simple "Find" command reveals that there are absolutely zero uses of the word transcend, transcendent, transcendentalism, transcendence or any other word starting with transcend. I find that to be amazing and extremely relevant.

Beginning around the year 600, if I recall correctly, the idea began to be promulgated that God was somehow a part of the natural world and not transcendent in the way most people seemed to understand things. That view has apparently, now, replaced the earlier view. This has resulted in the current state of affairs, a pitiful state of affairs because it is lacking in logic and reason.

It stems from and gives rise to the idea that limited human reason can comprehend the universe. The idea remains in the common meme: "Science must continue to evolve because we don't know everything YET". This includes an oxymoron because YOU must decide what you consider known and unknown. You know God? Yes, "you arrogant fool".

I don't mean to call you names, that is essentially what is happening here.

Many volumes of philosophy address these issues so I will leave you here.
There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.
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