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Originally Posted by Scorch View Post
Bleah. More controversy. . .
I already get more than enough of that in the anthropomorphic arts enthusiast (furries) culture.

Can't we all just get along?

Interesting but if I recall correctly; Rick's claim is something along the context of this all dating back to far earlier patents before any of us where even born... So; is there really any such a thing as an original idea if all based on much earlier patents and all is merely just different applications or versions of that earlier work such as the Benitez patent Rick keeps referring to as well as others such as some Tesla patents he is now talking about?

I don't know what to think. Don't want to think. It's to much tedious work for my old, lazy, hobbyist tail.

And of course; none of these patents actually include specifics good enough to be a "How to build it with modern parts" guideline. Patents are usually just a general description designed to protect a prototype or proprietary device from infringment. A diode? A transistor? An inductor? Really? What kind? There are MILLION to choose from.

Who "stole" what?
If John's work is based on earlier Benitez work but then Rick stole John's later work that was already earlier work stolen then; what?!? *shrugs.

I just want a self running system that runs!

Doesn't have to provide any extra power. Just want it to self run and preferably with capacitors only. Mechanical or Solid state. Don't care. Just want a kit or a comprehensive "how to" complete with parts list and schematic to build it THEN; I'll have more interest in HOW it works.

And yes, Rick talks A LOT . So much so that; I forgot most of what he said when I watched ALL those videos from beginning to end about a year ago. And now it becomes a daunting task to go back and try to gleem something useful out of all that. Wish he would just be more direct and to the point as in "Tab "a" goes in Slot "b" then system will produce a SPECIFIC effect. He says he wants to teach us but; he is boring me to death...

I watched his 90 minute video while I kept thinking he was going to show me something ground breaking but in the end; I guess I failed to find the forest through all his trees. . .

BUT; he is now building a VERY interesting looking new system that appears to be something that John never built (or simply another twist on other work such as Kromrey) and looks REALLY Interesting to me so; did he steal that? OR did he actually learn stuff from John (and Kromrey and many others) and now he is moving well BEYOND that past with a whole new resonant system in the present?

Is there anybody else offering a resonant system in complete detail or a ready made kit I can just buy that doesn't cost $5K and has defective machining or incorrect instructions or doesn't actually resonate?

If there's a lot of controversy then; maybe I should go ahead and order the kit immediately before supplies dry up.
I just don't know. *shrugs.

I just want a self running mechanical system or a solid state system that is OBVIOUSLY using source field energy and hopefully; putting a little extra out to be useful for something.

I am sick of batteries! Don't want batteries!! Unless of course; it's a battery that NEVER needs charging and PMM4GHYBRID refuses to answer THAT question about HIS battery.

Kindest regards;
I'll post my response here to you as well. AND, it includes a video of a circuit I made that runs on a capacitor that charges itself back up - what you have been looking for apparently. The further from Rick you get, the closer to the truth you are. And the picture is not controversy - it is indisputable proof that Rick is a liar and thief. How is that controversial or debatable?


You're mixing different circuits and methodologies.

The Benitez appears to be the origin of the Ronald Brandt "Tesla Switch" and Ronald Brandt taught that method to Bedini. That doesn't have anything to do with the exact circuit Rick shows as "his" "Loving Path" circuit. And the Benitez method and related circuits, Rick has claimed destroys the batteries. That is because he is ignorant of how the circuit actually works, what it does or how to use those methods without damaging the batteries. The circuit I’m talking about is EXACTLY the “Loving Path” circuit he claims he came up with. He literally stole that from John Bedini and John is the original inventor of that – it was known as the SSG, simplified school girl circuit that didn’t need a capacitor or other method to take the recovery to a second battery. That is evidenced here in this one simple diagram -

Bedini’s patents tell you exactly how to build it as again, it has nothing to do with Benitez – only the “Tesla Switch” is related to that. If you want to learn the proper way about these circuits, go see John Bedini and Matthew Jones’ posts in Energetic Forum regarding the Tesla Switch and you will then know how to build it with modern parts.

Again, John’s work is NOT based on Benitez – where did you even get that from? The only connection to Benitez's work is the "Tesla Switch" and John has said for decades that he learned it from Ronald Brandt. That doesn't have anything to do with Rick's stupid "Loving Path" ripoff of John's patented SG circuits. Rick doesn’t know how to properly measure input vs output. Rick hasn’t made any progress past what he stole from John and others - he never actually understood John's work. He is a con artist and is only making many variations of the same fundamental circuit. Show me the diagram of “his” new resonant system – a simple schematic and I’ll tell you where it came from or what it will do.

Here is an ancient video where I showed a Bedini circuit that I modified to run on a capacitor and it charges itself back up. Rick doesn’t understand these processes because he’s to busy ripping people off.

And no, I will not get along with Rick, it isn't a misunderstanding, like I said, he is a sociopath, pathological liar and a thief. Rick should be in jail for IP theft, for stealing tools and equipment, wire, you name it from EnergenX, he was caught stealing software from EnergenX computers, violated his NDA with EnergenX and claimed he never had one - I have a copy of it. He filled it out the SAME day as Tom and Erik from TeslagenX because they were all there at the same time. Gary Bedini made them sign it and not only are there multiple witnesses, we all have copies of it filled out with Ricks' handwriting. He also sold a 30 coiler to someone, pocketed the money and sold the SAME machine to someone else and sent them the machine. That is the type of outright theft for which Rick was booted from EnergenX.
Aaron Murakami

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