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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
That's great info about the PMH. Daniel McFarland Cook and others have the same figure 8 coil connections on their free energy device patents, so the basic idea has been around in some form for a really long time. I have personally seen the same configuration in at least three different write-ups or patents of "free energy" devices.

Leedskalnin was the first I saw using the "U" shaped bar with the keeper across the end, but the fact that others before him experimented with it doesn't surprise me.

For my money, the fact that you can re-use the circulating electrical field to continue to do work makes this well worth investigating. Right now I pay for switching costs from an outside source, but something like Bedini's two coil switch would make switching costs free, or you could use some of the output from the power coil to pay for switching, especially with a large system that has some serious output.

From my research, the Transient spike comes at the MOMENT THE CONNECTION IS MADE IN THE SWITCH (if the frequency is correct) and the inductive spike comes when the switch disconnects. Since BOTH collapse back into the "Loop", every time the switch is connected and disconnected (at the correct frequency for the coil) the electrical energy in the loop increases, and it is a % of the previous amount, so the growth is exponential. You are only limited by what the coil and attached capacitors can hold, which limits the output to the load. I bought a few (800) capacitors, and intend to get around to trying some experiments with this some day, because all my results so far have been positive. The problem is, I already have OTHER things I know work, and all my spare time is spent on THAT, so I have no time for things that may or may not ever achieve the output of what I am currently working on.

I brought this here because I have tried it. I know it works, and someone with the right junk lying around their shop might decide to see what they can do with it. There are many ways to skin this cat.

I totally forgot about Cook - posted about him here for anyone that wants the patent, etc. Cook's Perpetual Electrical Generator - A & P Electronic Media

Also wish I had enough time to do these experiments. I did recently experiment with a PMH that didn't require a coil and it works. It was released to the public in the past. If the person who shared it with me before is ok with it, I'll post it maybe with the PMH history post I want to do.

Hope to see something come out of all of this. At least is is fairly low budget and low tech so most people can participate.
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