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Originally Posted by Scorch View Post

BUT; he is now building a VERY interesting looking new system that appears to be something that John never built (or simply another twist on other work such as Kromrey) and looks REALLY Interesting to me so; did he steal that? OR did he actually learn stuff from John (and Kromrey and many others) and now he is moving well BEYOND that past with a whole new resonant system in the present?

Kindest regards;
You missed a lot. He was corrected in court. He is a liar and a thief, so
I can't follow someone like that, maybe others have no morel code and
will. It is like saying someone was caught screwing a guys wife but now
he has his own virgin so everything must be cool. Give me a break.

Just be careful.

When someone screws over people they will follow suit when it is your
turn to get the blunt end. People don't change, if they are liars today
they will always be the kind of person who needs to lie to be normal.

If they don't lie and cheat they feel empty. That is what is on the table.

Thanks for all your vid's, been a follower for years.

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