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PMH history

Bedini discovered long ago that in the torroidal cores that were charged kept a perpetual magnetic current in circulation even after the electricity was no longer applied. It's all internal so you can't meter from the outside and you won't know it is there unless the torridal core is cut in half to see that the two halves stick together.

Dave, your suggested experiment has been done before but without the recovery coil going to a load but the keeper can stick over and over. I like your ideas. The reason why that I was turned on to was different than yours but in any case, what you are claiming about what it does is true.

The world's first PMH was actually a single coil and went by a different name and was invented decades before Leedskalnin was even born. Leedskalnin often took credit for many things that he simply learned in very common book on magnetism at the time and early on, every scholar at Princeton in the electrical sciences was well-aware of the "PMH". Leedskalnin fans hate hearing that, but it's the truth. I'm not a fan of Einstein, but he did say that the secret to his creativity was to hide his sources and that is exactly what Leedskalnin did.

It was invented by a contemporary of Faraday who independently discovered the "Law of Electromagnetic Induction" a year apart. It's something I was going to write up for a blog post sometime soon with copies of the first references ever that most people have never heard of.

It can also be done without coils.

My speculation is that the TPU, if valid, is there is a resonant component similar to what has been connected to Hans Coler's device. Yes, I know the TPU has resonance claims but resonating what? Anyway, here is a more serious look at the Hans Coler device by Dr. Thorsten Ludwig. Hans Coler device was a permanent magnet device that constantly outputted electricity to power loads and that was even verified by British Intelligence after the war.

And of further interest to me in relation to the above is that the goal of the QEG is about synchronizing 3 resonances, which includes that actual resonance of the magnetic core material. If they accomplish that, it wouldn't be surprising if they got the results that Ronald Brandt claimed.

If all of this is understood enough, I think it can be used to exploit the circulating magnetic current in the PMH without destroying that magnetic current (polarized aether in circulation) similar to what Dave is suggesting. I think it has really interesting possibilities.
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