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original romanian article: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: S U A - WASHINGTON !!! CRIMELE ÎN SCOLI VOR CONTINUA !
USA – WASHINGTON !!! School killings will go on!

February 17th 2018, time 5:33, early morning!

My darlings,
This morning, very early, a voice that said something quite terrible woke me up. The voice said this:

“Number of dead transfer, in an USA school!”

With pain in my heart I tell you my darlings, as it comes out from this message, more murders will take place in USA schools. We all know my darlings, what happened 2 days ago in Florida, when innocent children were shot by a 19-year-old young man, expelled previously from the school.
American authorities should place at each class room entrance an armed guard,(I know that almost impossible) to protect the children and the teachers.

We have a friend, Eduard Denver, we ask of him to translate this article in English and send it in USA. Maybe someone there will make it public, and this way, Security in US schools will become more effective. Thank you, Eduard, for your help!

Lets pray brothers to the Good God and the Mother of God, that will not allow this murders to take place anymore, in which youngsters or any other person dies without any fault.

Romanian article links about Florida Attack!
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