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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
I had never made the link between the cross and the Quadrature Concept...
the second time I read about the Quadrature Concept I got it (I re read it immediately because I did not understand it the first time, and smith's book is not one were you skip something and have the rest mean anything),
the Quadrature Concept is how a consciousness explores reality in order to make sense of it. (he even tells you this)
the idea is how do you identify something new ?
turns out something new has to be at 90 degrees to the last thing...
after reading the first few dimensions I got how the pattern went (line, area, volume. most people have no issue with the first 3, the next past 3D space is movement, and movement is usually spinning, next is a divergent spin (think tornado movement), this is also known as electricity. the next 90 degrees is the curl effect of electricity = magnitism, and it just keeps going like that ...)
had never occurred to me that others reading it did not understand the idea.
I think Smith's concept of the Quadrature is derived from Quadratic equations but he never say's this specifically.

It would have been helpful had he begun by explaining a mathematical foundation underpins his line of reasoning and to name it if that was the case. Otherwise he seems to be making great leaps in logic. You're probably not seeing this because of who you are. You have a foundation that enables you to see what he was talking about without having to think about it, and this is an education in mathematics.

You have to understand that in my time even algebra wasn't taught in public schools. It wasn't a requirement, and even with what little attempts there were to communicate learning, it was done under impossible conditions. I was thrust from a small grade school into a junior high with over 2,000 students, with a math and science class of over a 150 kids in a giant room with three teachers, all wandering aimlessly about. The only thing I learned in the super max prison complex was self defense and hand to hand combat.

You might find that hard to believe, but it's the raw truth, and besides that, I seriously doubt that most of the adults in the general population could have solved any algebraic equations in the 1960's. So math just wasn't there as an educational concern and what little was available couldn't be taught in an insane asylum because that's what public education was where I lived. It was an incredibly brutal and savage environment. William Golding didn't need to ship wreck a bunch of kids to write "Lord of the Flies." All he needed to do was have a school bus dropping them off at Sacajawea Junior High. Christ almighty what a hell hole that dump was. I'm not the least bit surprised that kids are today taking matters into their own hands since the adults are too stupid to recall the wonder years inside a super max.

So anyways I digress, but mathematics has long claimed to be the language of God, so there's a connection between the concepts and this line of thinking about the voice and designs of the Almighty. Smith of course never put's anything in religious terms and only makes a few references to suggest they exist or may have served as inspiration in some way.

Overall I understand what he's doing, but it wasn't obvious to begin with, and I just think it could be done better and more clearly. Of course we don't have Wilbert with us any longer. Anyone who really wants to use what Smith left is going to have work to get it. Hence my reference to a bible study kind of thing...snort
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