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thx for the link, i'll look more in depth into it. i can tell you one thing though, he uses the correct shape for the counterweight, at least that is what my intuition is telling me, and yes the shape matters.

from what i've read the issue with replications is the synchronization. you could say the problem with the device is that no one figured out the frequency. What i mean by that is the chain of frequencies. It's like the master code lock.

as i described in the pendulum thread (tesla 3 6 9), when you start to oscillate the pendulum from balance point 0, 0 state, or rest, the frequency is faster and with each cycle it slows down.

not saying that this applies entirely to this device but probably the concept is the same, you need to run a sequence of frequencies so it operates properly.

Seems to me that most tech today is very liniar as in you either need to pull or push, keep charging the system and not discharging ever, cause the logic is that if it's discharging it means it died or something. For example the pendulum gives energy while it's charging and discharging if you exploit it's 45 degree angle from balance 0.

For example if you watch:

then you can see that the system he built here is doing work while charging and discharging the weight of the pendulum. BUT he use the balance point 0 to do this. If he would use 45 degrees he would actually quadruple (4x) his power into the system. But it might be harder doing it then said
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