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Originally Posted by TheVisitorV View Post
Ok! np! so this is your 90 degree spike.

If you do this and you spin your weight like this the engine will start to move on the bar oscillating the springs/coils.

People think this oscillations are bad ussulay so they make everything in their power to remove them from the devices. acctualy this oscilations are the energy released on all planes. )See walter russel work on cube planes.

The output on the spring is proportional to the energy that the engine is putting out, but harvesting that energy has no impact on the input! If you fix the engine into bolts and nuts inside a wall or you choose to harvest that tension that it generates into those springs it does not affect the main operation (if done right)

I will try render the big device as well.
looks a like Norman L. Dean System for converting rotary motion

analysis "Channeling Rotary Motion" preceded the development of Hampton inertial engine from prior art.
Dean Space Drive prototype patent secrets, How it Works
The actual transfer function might be a difficult concept.

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