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90 degree spike! Simplest Generator you can build!

Hello since i'm sick and i'm not getting any better i decided to share this with you. Since this as well is a gift from God that i received freely i give it to you freely. After all it's His stuff in the end. Wanted to keep this for myself for a bit longer but my present health situation doesn't allow me to.

You've all heard of that 90 degree spike. and so i did but never really understood wtf is that. No worries. it's simple. I won't go in full details about it but i will give you the generator that you can build.

Most of you already have the parts and did experiments along this lines but for some reason those that knew were never dropping more then a few hints here and there.

Now if you get a motor and generator and you link them together and they don't have much losses you get about 90% energy back if i understand correctly . Is this right?

ok now you take a motor and a generator you couple togheter in a vertical plane, VERY IMPORTANT! and on the coupling you place a counterweight on the fly wheel between them.

Then you place them between 2 disks on the external radius, the disks need to be bigger. DO NOT CENTER THEM. so you change the refrence point for the torque to go somewhere else.

The 2 disks that hold the motor generator you couple them to another generator.

For maximum efficiency of this system you need 4 sets of motors/generators. so when you look from above they should be sink like this if you want to do it one more time, lol. It's a cascade effect...

at 0 degrees the counter weight, let's say it's a bar. is 180 degrees outwards. at 90 degrees of the external disk the bar is 90 degrees on the disk, or perpendicular. at 180 degrees of the disk the weight is 180 inwards and finally at 270 is 90 degrees on disk and on opposition to other side.

You can sinc them different but if you do it like this you get a cascade effect for the next system, this could be the 2nd layer and you can get even a 3rd.

yes it's this simple to make it.

PS: the reason i'm not building a model is simply because i barely have money to eat. 'm not asking for donations, you guys go out and build it, you got the tools and the experience and are far more then capable of doing so then i am at this moment.

You should check my other post on tesla 3 6 9 if you want to learn how the oscillatory systems work.

And yes, this works. But you won't know until you try it, you can only believe me or not. I'm not the first to discover it but for some reasons those that do are silent about it.

Good luck!

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