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Originally Posted by purelyprimitives View Post
Here's a little more detail to help .

Imagine 3 weights, one at the 1:00 position, one at the 3:00 position and the third at the 5:00 position. I think most would agree that at this point in time this would qualify as an overbalanced wheel.

As the wheel is turning, what I will do is remove the weight at 5:00 as the other two weights are falling and lift it back to the 1:00 position. The two falling weights provide the force to lift the single weight up.

Then the next weight to reach the 5:00 position is lifted as the other two fall.
Rinse and repeat....

I'll leave the actual lifting mechanism for you to ponder.

Now that would be something. Iíve no idea how you propose to do that and keep the weights on one side of the wheel. I wish you the best of luck with this one!

Sounds like it would be ultra off balance! What would the speed limit be?
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