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Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
Now this Iíve got to see! Trying to imagine the mechanism but failing lol!
Here's a little more detail to help .

Imagine 3 weights, one at the 1:00 position, one at the 3:00 position and the third at the 5:00 position. I think most would agree that at this point in time this would qualify as an overbalanced wheel.

As the wheel is turning, what I will do is remove the weight at 5:00 as the other two weights are falling and lift it back to the 1:00 position. The two falling weights provide the force to lift the single weight up.

Then the next weight to reach the 5:00 position is lifted as the other two fall.
Rinse and repeat....

I'll leave the actual lifting mechanism for you to ponder.
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