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Alien Life.

This post is related to the ARV. It's going to be an introduction to the reality of what exists as opposed to what the corporate propagandists want us to believe. It is related because we are now taking our first steps toward another civilization. If we make it happen, that's all of us working together, we need to vanquish the lies and suspend our disbelief as to what is possible.

Are there aliens out there? Well yea, of course, but what of humanoids? See there is a meme the system has been forwarding. It says that the next steps follow artificial means. These include cyborg attachments and test tube life. The logic that is being sold to these includes the notion that the human mind isn't capable. Notice that all aliens have huge heads and are grown in test tubes. Natural birth isn't possible according to this story. There is a reason for developing this story: Obviously you should be deeply suspicious.

Whereas, the opposite is the actual truth: The human mind is the most powerful computer in all of nature. Human beings were not the creation of aliens, we are not a slave species as sold by many others. Quite the reverse.

Kardashev scale

This is what humans are capable of. These are very likely humans from a much more advanced civilization caught on video. The very first video clip shows a human from an type III civilization. Compare this to the technology of the ARV. This is what at type III civilization has for technology.

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