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Originally Posted by yasoooo View Post
Now, why would the Creator implant in us the love for something we may not experience?
"72 Virgins Hereafter Justice"

The Qur'anic Paradise is sensual in nature,[5] promising Muslim men voluptuous[20] virgins[27] but does not specify their exact number.
This cannot possibly be a mistranslation because raisins do not have large eyes[17] or cannot be wed to men.[1]

The hadith literature compliment the Qur'anic text by specifying the exact number of virgins as 72 and providing us with detailed descriptions of
their characteristics. These narrations are not weak but vary in strength from good to authentic.[9][33][57]

We are also given details on the physical attributes given to men to sustain 72 virgins, namely, ever-erect penises that never soften[10][11]
and the sexual strength to satisfy 100.[37][58][59]

Although it does say they will receive a "great reward",[51] and there are also hasan hadith[33] which refer to 72 virgins as one of the "seven blessings from Allah" to the martyr,[32] the Qur'an does not specify these virgins are a reward for jihadists/martyrs, but rather for any Muslim male who gains admittance to Paradise.[27]


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