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Bucky had balls

R Buckiminster Fuller gives a short name to the present lords of the Bank-of_England/East-India-Company/Rothschild system of corporations, corrupt governments and there instruments of international control. This passage read from Grunge of Giants expands on Fuller's story of the "Great Pirates" and "Law Capitalism" told in his two earlier works, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, and Critical Path, especially the chapter "Legally Piggily" of the latter.
He provides the origins, incentive structure and functioning of Grunch, as an evolved "tool" of an organized minority, a system of laws and the corporations created by law that hold the few by wrong and deleterious assumptions of "you or me" scarcity used to justify ruthless capturing of wealth in a Malthusian stingy world, because people are blind to the abundance that know-how and design for more with less have put within reach of the species.
It is a race, as the title of another of his books, puts it, a race between utopia or oblivion. Grunch of Giants was his last book and it shows he was true to us to the end. The book, in my view, provides strong support for replacing the current system of money and lending, giving that power to the people so they can design and realize the best possibilities for "livingry" through spontaneous interaction in whatever new patters they can design for their own improvement and happiness, or as "Bucky" would say for their success in Universe. -- Dick Eastman

When Steven Mnuchin declares that the dollar is free to float against other currencies, that the will not be watching the international purchasing power of the dollar, its international demand and supply he is telling currency speculators to have at it; he is telling Americans that the goods they must import following domestic deindustrialization are going to fluctuate in price.
When the dollar is cheap in terms of other dollars and the currencies that buy foreign goods are dearer the people will be hurt. It means our goods sold abroad will buy less and that foreigners will have a bigger share of the fruits of our labors in making goods and services and give less in return. But there will not be a build-up of American production for export simply because there is no assurance the currency prices will not reverse tomorrow, because they are not being managed, because these problems are of no interest to the big deal making president and his administration.

When Chrisitine LaGarde says that the world economy is in a "sweet spot" because international investing and international trade are going up and that World GDP is going up, few people understand how bad the first two are and how not-necessarily good that latter is. International investing means that foreigners are lending each of those nations its money supply at interest, money which they can and will pull out later to create the depression which will convert ownership to their hands.
And the increases in foreign trade always has with it the concomitant destruction of domestic businesses that formerly met that domestic demand. GDP of course is meaningless was when domestic product is measured in money terms and Goldman-Sach's profits and Boeing missile production and Chrysler tank production go up as the standard of living improving production is replaced.

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